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Taking your brand global

They say the world is your oyster. Well, when it comes to marketing, it’s not that simple. We won’t lie; getting your brand to number one on a global level is hard. The competition is fierce and the world is pretty complex.

Penetrating new markets, growing a brand to its full global potential, scaling up resources to create all the content you need across channels and regions…these new challenges can be quite daunting without experts to help you globalise your campaigns fast.

Freedman provides you with a ready-to-go model for global growth, collaborating from the start to lead you all the way to the top. We advise you on the right global-local strategy. We offer you the global perspective to make an impact in all of your target markets. And we produce all of the content you need across every channel, delivering to anywhere you want, in a heartbeat.

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Creating powerful global content

Delivering impactful global content is the holy (marketing) grail that few brands ever attain. It’s always the same story.

Content is created without local markets in mind, meaning it performs poorly or has to be scrapped altogether. The problem often lies in the creative idea itself, or in the execution or localisation of the concept – it’s quite easy to get lost en route to global greatness.

Our solution? Rethink the creative process entirely, putting local back in the picture. Our in-market planners and creatives collaborate with our global creative team to develop concepts that stretch to all markets. We ensure that the creative is seen through a global-local lens from conception all the way through to post-production.

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Scaling your production efficiently

We feel your pain (no really, we do). You have to produce more content across a growing number of channels and markets. And is it just us, or are budgets getting smaller?

So, how can you scale up your production efficiently within budget? And how do you maintain quality considering the volume of content?

Relax, we’ve got your back. Our scalable creative production solutions allow you to produce all the content you need, across every channel, and deliver at speed to all regions. Our creative, localisation and production experts run a smooth operation all around the world, delivering both the volume and quality of content required to make an impact. Speed without faff. Quality without compromise.

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Getting your global model right

Tensions between your global and local teams, fragmented agency ecosystems, internal agencies lacking global capabilities…we hear you, getting your global process right is tricky.

At Freedman we like to get stuck in, helping you find better ways of working. We adapt our processes to fit right in, developing a bespoke model that works for your situation and needs. Assessing your existing model, we identify what can be improved, what needs to be added and what simply needs to stop.

If there are breakdowns in communication between your global and local teams, we help bridge any gap, defining clearer communication streams, timelines and processes. If your agencies aren’t working effectively together, we step in to bring more collaboration at each stage of the creative process. And if your internal agency is not set up to deliver at a global level, we provide you with the platform to expand your global capabilities. The new model is first tested in a pilot phase and, once everyone’s given it the thumbs-up, rolled out worldwide.

Total. Global. Bliss.

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