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With the world becoming smaller and marketing more global, marketers are now expected to be global experts. They must deliver a growing amount of communications across multiple markets and media. They also have to contend with cultural and language contexts far from their day-to-day frame of reference. So, what has all of this got to do with a global creative production company?

To put it simply, a global creative production company does this monumental task for you! It takes the stress out of delivering your brands big creative idea to all markets, across all channels, while remaining globally consistent.

Read on to find out about 8 key global marketing services your brand can benefit from by working with a global creative production company:

1. Campaign planning and content production schedule

It’s tricky to plan your content production and keep track of your global campaign timings. It’s even trickier to actually get your global campaigns out on time. Global creative production experts will help you map out an exact content production schedule of when your creative needs to be ready, so it can get adapted and produced on time. The key is to consider your campaign implementation from the start. This will eliminate the need to cut corners and ensure you hit those important local deadlines. Without breaking a sweat.

2. Campaign management and global-local collaboration

Rolling out an international campaign is no simple task, at least not without a little help. A global creative production company takes full ownership of your international marketing schedule, media plans and communication with other parties. This allows you to focus on the bigger picture and not get bogged down with the details of campaign planning.

Your global creative production team will ensure there’s strong collaboration and clear communication between the global and local teams, in house studios and external partners. Effective communication will help you deliver your content on time, ensuring your local teams are fully onboard with the campaign.

3. Global creative strategy and local insight

For your global campaign to be successful in local markets, you need to know that your global marketing strategy is right. You must also ensure that there won’t be any negative reaction to your creative idea. There could be legal or cultural limitations that you’ve not taken into account. Or, you might even come across opportunities to explore further. For this reason, local research is a key stage in your global campaign process as it allows you to validate your global strategy and test your campaign idea. It gives you the opportunity to tweak your creative idea, either in the localisation process, or by changing or adapting your creative idea so it fits better with local reality. By validating your strategy and creative upfront, you will avoid costly creative reworks at a later date, and ensure you address your local audience appropriately.

4. Transcreation and localisation

Let’s get this straight; Google Translate is out of the question. A global creative production company’s role is to look beyond literal translation. They will select the right linguists to push your message out to local markets with impact. Once the right talent is selected, your global creative production team will ensure that your copy is localised with care. Your project may require translation, transcreation or copywriting depending on the length, creativity and nature of the copy. The aim is to ensure that all the creativity put into your original creative concept is preserved and that your message resonates with all your target markets.

5. Scalable global creative production

Localisation is not the only challenge when it comes to running a global campaign. Imagine you have hundreds of assets in dozens of languages, for several types of media, all due for delivery at different times across various markets. Sounds like a mess before you’ve even started, right? And how do you make sure these are all delivered on time and following media specifications?

A global creative production partner will put a scalable process to produce high volume multimedia. They will liaise directly with your media agency to ensure your assets are delivered on time. Headache averted.

6. International clearance

When it comes to broadcasting adverts on TV or on the radio, depending on the market, you can be confronted with very different rules and regulations.

In some countries your ads will need to be ‘cleared’ or approved by local legal bodies before they can air on TV or the radio. Your global creative production company can help you navigate this tricky clearance process.They know exactly what to look out for and and will deal with local clearance authorities – taking a huge weight off your shoulders!

7. Delivery

A global creative production company is dedicated to efficient delivery. They wrap things up quickly and deliver assets formatted and labelled as requested. Nothing makes your media partners happier than assets delivered on time and following media specifications.

8. Post-mortem

When it comes to global campaigns, let’s be honest, there is always room for improvement. At the end of every campaign your global creative production company will carry out a “post-mortem” of the campaign to advise you on how well it performed in market and where you can save time and money on your next international marketing campaign.

If you need help in getting your global content out efficiently and with impact, get in touch today.


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