What does tomorrow's advertising agency look like?

Over the last few months we’ve been talking to senior global marketers around the world, including at our CMO breakfasts in San Francisco and London, and through our global marketing survey. One of the key challenges that everyone has mentioned is the speed and volume of change brought about by new technology. Being agile, customer-centric and highly collaborative is fundamental to being effective.

Freedman recently welcomed three new clients; Oracle, Dropbox and Netjets. As global marketing becomes more complex, we believe that brands require a new type of agency partner to plan and manage their global campaigns. We’ve identified 3 evolving trends in global advertising that are driving these needs.

  1. Increased complexity

Technology provides us with the tools to work faster and smarter, but it has also significantly raised the expectations of both consumers and the business leaders to whom marketers are responsible. As a result, marketers are constantly trying to innovate, iterate and optimise with experimental tech whilst having to justify their return on investment. Client side marketers have had to get more involved in the implementation, but as campaigns get geographically larger, extend across more channels or languages, then those marketers could spend all of their time implementing.

That’s where Freedman comes in. We specialise in implementation, allowing our clients to get back to the bigger strategic picture. Freedman helps clients to streamline and simplify the process of delivering global marketing campaigns. With our scalable, on-demand solution and decades of experience delivering campaigns around the world, clients know they can rely upon Freedman to deliver.

  1. More digital channels

There are more distribution channels than ever before and those channels often have their own specific technical requirements. The process of getting one message out to an audience is no easy task. It’s no longer possible to find truly broadcast media, to reach the same number of consumers that we could reach with a TV spot 10 years ago. Today advertising involves dozens or hundreds of digital channels. Not only are channels fragmented, but different messages and images are required for each channel. Understanding these different requirements is only the first step. Being able to deliver all these creative assets is the more laborious task, particularly when you layer on different languages and different cultures. Think about all the variations you’d have to produce, the myriad of options. Planning and delivering the right assets at the right time, in the right place is what Freedman does. Why start from scratch trying to build your own processes to roll out multi language, culturally relevant campaigns in multiple media when that’s what we specialise in?

  1. Neutral and independent partners

Agency networks can be valuable, but sometimes you need an honest, independent partner to give you a neutral view as you plan your global campaigns.

Agency networks have developed to service existing clients, they grew over time often through takeovers, mergers and partnerships, to deliver similar campaigns, in the same markets. However, today’s campaigns have many more variables. Modern marketers are constantly testing, learning and iterating and this applies as much to media choice, as creative message. Moreover, new products and services are often tested to compete with more agile competitors, sometimes with new audiences, other times in new markets. All of this requires a much more agile infrastructure.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve worked with almost all of the major agency networks. We know what we’re good at, we’re not interested in selling you something else, and typically the network agencies know where we can help them too. Because we’re independent we can play nicely with everyone, delivering the scalable, on-demand, expert services that our clients require.


Brands are recognising these challenges and actively looking for solutions to reach global audiences. It’s a conversation that we find ourselves having more often and it’s an area that we’re proud to have been pioneering. Our agency model is based around constant agility, independence and deep, local understanding. That’s why innovative and high growth brands such as Oracle, NetJet and Dropbox have turned to Freedman for their global marketing campaigns and we’re proud to be partnering with them to find the next phases of solutions for global marketers.




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global marketing trends 2019

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