5 Minutes with...
Jess Nel Wafaquani-Lavill


Jess joined Freedman International in 2021 as a Transcreation Executive. Jess shares the intriguing aspects of her role in the transcreation process, her knowledge of linguistic and cultural insights and her passion for different cultures. A self-confessed country girl at heart, Jess also shares what she loves to do in her free time.


What’s your role at Freedman

I’m a transcreation executive, working on the language localisation side for our clients, Meta Reality labs and Twitch. I manage the transcreation/translation process from start to end: from receiving the source files, analysing them, working out cultural nuances and briefing out to our freelance linguists, checking the content for quality before sending to the client services.


Tell us a bit more about what you were doing before joining Freedman

Prior to joining Freedman, I was doing a similar role at a different company, dealing with make-up brands, while also completing an MA in Translation Studies (during the start of the pandemic, which is a whole other story…)


What superpower are you bringing to Freedman

I believe I have gained extremely beneficial linguistic and cultural insights throughout my life – having had my childhood split between Spain and England, both cultures played a strong role in my development as a person. My love for various cultures undoubtedly acts as the driving force behind my passionate work ethic here at Freedman. Something which I don’t think can be taught at university or elsewhere!


What’s your secret to success

Resilience and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

When I arrived back in the UK at age 15, I couldn’t read or write in English (I’d gone through the Spanish education system), so I wasn’t in a position to sit my GCSE’s or A levels. I read and read and read until my English was up to scratch, and ended up writing an undergraduate dissertation ‘of publishable standard’ – which to this day is my proudest achievement.


When you’re not working at Freedman you are…. (interests, hobbies, fun fact etc.)

When I’m not at work, my favourite place to be is the countryside with my dogs. Going back to my mums in Wiltshire, getting lost in the woods with my jug (Jack Russell x pug) and my mums Romanian rescue (Alsatian x) is my go to when I have any spare time. London is fun but I am a country girl at heart.


What aspects of your job excite you the most

The most creative transcreations, which borderline copywriting. Collaborating with our amazing freelance linguists from around the world to produce a highly creative target adaptation, delivering that to the client, and getting it approved… seeing a project you worked on on their socials or even on TV is a massive highlight.

But really, if it’s anything linguistic, it’s exciting to me!