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As always, we’ve put together the top stories shaping the global marketing industry to help you stay on top. This month, the theme seems to be ‘new’, with an array of Chinese New Year brand campaigns, delicious new products (you’ll see), and some new eCommerce tools. So, read on to discover the industry news that’s got everybody talking…

Mickey Gets a Makeover 

Oh boy! Mickey Mouse is back in a high-fashion collab with Gucci. From slippers to silk ties, Mickey is the star of the entire ‘Year of the Mouse’ range. Some have questioned Gucci’s character choice since it’s actually the Year of the Rat. However, the Chinese word for ‘rat’ can also be translated as ‘mouse’, so perhaps Gucci is merely playing on this fact. Whatever the reason, we’re all eyes (and ears!) for this latest campaign.

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New Lunar Year, New Tradition for Nike

For the first time ever, Nike have released an ad to mark Chinese New Year. Their short film celebrates the new year tradition of hongbao, where money in a red envelope is often gifted from older relatives to younger family members. A young girl is seen trying to outrun her over-generous aunt over the years in a range of Nike trainers. A playful take on family and tradition, this ad has received lots of praise across the globe. What do you think?

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Veganuary Just Got Tastier

Already regretting that new year, new gym regime? Us too. Thankfully – Ben & Jerry’s have provided the perfect excuse for a relaxing evening in front of the TV. They’ve collaborated with Netflix to launch their new peanut butter flavour: Netflix & Chill’d. And it gets better – they’ve released a vegan version! So, at least you can stick to Veganuary…

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All For ASOS

ASOS has been shaking up the news this week with its ‘See My Fit’ tool. Powered by AR technology, the tool allows shoppers to test out products on 16 different models, ranging in size (4-18) and height (5’1” to 5’9”). ASOS are trialling the feature for 6 weeks, much to the delight of many ASOS fans on social who’ve called it both useful and revolutionary. But do you think this tool will change online shopping?

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