The Global Marketers’ Club is Heading for the Silver Screen

For our next event, Global Tribes & Local Identities, The Global Marketers’ Club is going to the movies for a morning of cultural exploration. We’ll be taking over an exclusive screen in an arthouse cinema, the Curzon Aldgate, on October 16th. The best of the global marketing business will be joining us, including speakers from Adidas, Audi, Beano Studios and more. Armed with their expertise, we’ll take a deep-dive into emerging global tribes, generational trends and local truths. To top it all off, there’ll be pastries aplenty, light refreshments and lots of time for networking. 

Fancy a morning at the movies? We thought so! Click to reserve your seats now. 

To give you a sneak-preview of the event, here’s some extra info on our panel topics: 

Panel 1: Global Consumer Tribes  

Today’s consumers are global citizens with the world at their fingertips. They’re discovering new trends and communities across the globe, picking and choosing elements of each to form a multi-hyphenated identity. They might be part minimalist, part eco-conscious, part foodie, part fashionista… and so on. So how do brands market to these multi-hyphenated customers? Is it all about keeping their strategy focused on a single tribe or is it a case of speaking to different tribes in a way that resonates with each and every one? We’ll be taking these questions to our experts, discovering the secrets behind their consumer tribe strategy. 

Panel 2: Gen Z vs Millennials 

Of course, a customer’s values, behaviours and habits are also informed by their generation. So what about the generations on everyone’s lips… the Gen Zs and Millennials? Gen Z and Millennials share many similarities across the globe, after all, they’re communicating across many of the same social platforms. However, no-one would assume that an 18 year old is making the same purchasing decisions as a 35 year old… So how can brands resonate with Gen Z while maintaining their Millennial audience? Our expert panellists will uncover the key techniques to targeting these generations, sharing their blunder-proof strategies with insights on effective influencer marketing and social strategy.

Panel 3: Local Differences 

Last but not least, our third panel will reveal all you need to know about marketing to local identities, uncovering how local behaviours and beliefs affect the modern consumer. With the continual advancement of geo-targeting tech, brands are required to produce more and more impactful local content. Our speakers will share their years’ of experience to shed some light on delivering local content that resonates. They’ll also provide lots of inspiration, celebrating the brands who are doing it right on both a local and global scale.  

So, if you’d love to hear from some of the best in the global marketing industry in a premium cinema venue, grab your tickets now. 

We look forward to seeing you on October 16th at the Curzon Aldgate, London, 8:30am-12:00pm. 

Natalie Thomas
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