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Inspired by The Getty Museum’s ingenious challenge to re-create famous works of art at home, we set up a little competition of our own: Stay At Home Ads. We invited our teams to put their spin on world-famous ads while in lockdown, following these simple rules:


1. Choose a well-known still or video ad.
2. Find costumes/props from around your home.
3. Take a starring role in your ad. If you need extra actors/models, recruit your house-mates!
4. Capture your ad on your phone (fancy cameras are overrated).
5. Basic edits are allowed, but keep those special-effects homemade.
6. Share your creation using #StayAtHomeAds. 

Take a look at our best and brightest…


Cadbury's Eyebrow Dance

Here you can see our Content Writer, Natalie and her boyfriend Chris recreate the iconic Cadbury’s “eyebrow dance” advert. Now, believe it or not, special effects have not been used in the making of this video. These mesmerising movements have impressed us all and seemed to accomplish what Cadbury’s could not without the use of CGI.


You can see the original Cadbury’s ad right here:


We all remember this renowned iPod advert right?

ipod advertipod advert

Well, our Brand Guardian Sarah and her fiancĂ© Aaron have reinvented one of the most memorable adverts of all time by incorporating a topical toilet roll twist. And before you ask… yes they have wrapped their heads in towels.

woman holding loo rollMan holding a loo roll

Cadbury's Gorilla

Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore creative, Jamie our QA wizard gave us this homemade masterpiece. The innovative use of a yoga matt and hand-drawn mask left us speechless. The likeness of a gorilla is incredible – we hope you enjoy this work of art.

For those that don’t remember this seminal moment where we all saw a gorilla play the drums for the first time, here’s the original ad:


Our Head of Marketing handily had her adorable son and partner on-hand to recreate this well known Evian ad, the only problem is we can’t tell which one is the real one. See if you can spot the difference:

evian adverttwo boys in red shirts


And here we have one of our Project Managers, Carolina, representing Italy with a nostalgic nod to a classic Nutella ad. Her boyfriend perfectly captures the joy of chocolate spread for breakfast (something we actively encourage while we’re all stuck at home!)

woman feeding man

And of course, the original can be seen here.

nutella advert

Hamlet Cigars

The days of smoking ads are over, but that didn’t stop Lisa, another one of our Project Managers, from recreating this hilarious ad for Hamlet Cigars. Who knew she could pull off this hairstyle? To be honest, we could all do with a little haircut in lockdown. Kudos to Lisa for creating a cigar out of cinnamon stick, we’re impressed.

Check out the original here:

Should've gone to Specsavers

man holding ironing board

John, our Digital Development Manager, took on the ever-brilliant ‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’ campaign for his competition entry. You don’t need glasses to see how good this re-creation is! While we’re all home waiting for the day when we can return to the beach, this ad is a perfect reminder that, with a little imagination, you can go there… (almost).

Now it's your turn...

We hope you enjoyed these ad homages, they certainly gave us a lot of laughs in lockdown! Why not give the challenge a go yourself re-create your own famous ad. Just make sure to share it with us using #StayHomeAds.

Stay tuned