Taking Your Brand Global: Marketing Implementation for Global Brands

As a global marketing professional, you’re expected to wear many hats. You must be an expert on multiple markets and fields, while constantly creating new content at speed to keep your brand ahead of the game globally.

On top of this, now that data is more readily available to demonstrate return on investment, you are constantly asked to show the value of your work, with little time to prove your strategy’s effectiveness. And when it comes to strategy planning, getting your strategy right across multiple markets with all local teams aligned can give way to some intense head-scratching moments.

The cost of getting it wrong has never been higher. Recent scandals have shown how fragile a brand’s reputation can be in the age of instant news, especially when it comes to global campaigns touching on cultural sensitivities. While creativity should be at the heart of marketing communications, the inherent risks need to be carefully assessed. The wrong visual or an overlooked detail can turn into a viral controversy within hours.

To help you navigate the key challenges companies face when launching global campaigns, we’ve put together a report on global marketing implementation, giving you the tools to better comprehend the complexities that come with marketing on a global level.

What tips and tricks are included in the report?

Our report: Taking Your Brand Global has been written by our global marketing experts who, between them, have worked on 1000s of international marketing projects just like yours. In this report, they shed light on many of the challenges surrounding global campaign implementation, including:

  • choosing an operational model that works for you
  • selecting the right team of experts
  • making a global strategy work locally
  • planning your campaign localisation, production and delivery

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