A Better Way to Make Translation Work for Global Campaigns

If you’re working on global marketing campaigns, you’ll understand the challenge of getting the right words to the right people on the worldwide stage. Getting the messaging right on your home turf is one thing, but managing to do so over multiple territories, languages and cultures is a completely different ball game.

What tips and tricks are included in the Better Way report?

Our Better Way Guide has been written by our language services experts who between them have worked on 1000s of global translation projects just like yours. Download out Better Way guide to find out how to…

  • Get a handle on translation for global projects
  • Manage your budget on an international scale
  • Work out which languages will work best for your brand and the tools you need
  • Coordinate both the project and all of those working on it

How do I get my copy of the Better Way report?

To download the guide in full, simply fill out the form below. We’ll also send you a copy of the report to your email so that you can keep it for reference.

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