Global Marketing Next: The Great Cultural Reset

For today’s brands, an authentic global purpose needs to be at the core of their marketing. After all, 62% of today’s consumers want brands to have an ethical purpose, while 80% want brands to help fix society’s problems.

But, making your brand purpose relevant to everyone, everywhere is not an easy task. Local audiences have dramatically different values, especially when it comes to the big topics like sustainability or diversity and inclusion.

So, how can you pursue your purpose driven marketing while achieving local authenticity? That’s where our report comes in.

What tips and tricks are included in the report?

Full of statistics, insights and interviews with experts, our report covers how to:

  • deliver impactful purpose marketing to global audiences
  • take an activist approach to marketing
  • recognise different cultural viewpoints around diversity
  • build diversity and inclusion into your marketing
  • avoid greenwashing
  • plan for new eco-regulations around the world

With the help of our report, you’ll gain:

  • Greater understanding of your global audience’s values
  • Authentic, purposeful marketing content
  • Better conversion and brand fidelity

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