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2020 Gaming Trends for Global Marketers

The gaming sector is always evolving. New games, new technologies, new events, new audiences… there are so many things for both gaming and non-gaming brands to look out for. But what do marketers need to know in 2020?

Here’s a quick overview of the year ahead in the gaming marketing industry…

1 – Gaming On-Demand

As companies around the world test out tech that could change the way games are played, distributed and sold, it seems cloud gaming is finally becoming a reality.

2 – Small Screen Heroes

Games played on smartphones, tablets, portable media players and PDAs continue to have a moment. Can marketers keep up with the potential presented by mobile gaming?

3 – Gaming Just Got Real

Virtual reality is taking the gaming industry by storm. As obstacles are overcome and adoption rates increase, we can all prepare for gaming experiences to be more accessible, more reliable and more immersive.

4 –  The New Sport On The Scene

The hype around esports isn’t slowing down and, with more and more competitions being livestreamed across the world, there’s a great opportunity for brands to get noticed.

5 – Paying To Play

As micro-transactions such as loot boxes come under fire, the industry looks to new monetisation models. Premium games and subscription services might hold the answer…

6 – The Social Media Game Plan

As the gaming community continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, brands should use social channels, including influencers, to provide authentic and personalised connections with gamers.

7 – Women In Gaming

With an almost 50/50 split of male and female gamers, the time has come for brands to recognise the importance of inclusivity in their gaming marketing strategies.

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