IHG's 'Into the Nights'

Website and email localisation across nine markets for IHG’s Rewards Club loyalty programme

IHG's 'Into the Nights'

A Better Way

InterContinental Hotels Group’s (IHG) ‘Into the Nights’ promotion offered Rewards Club members the chance to earn at least two free hotel nights at any IHG branded hotel in the world by completing a personalised set of offers and tasks
Freedman’s New York and London offices collaborated with IHG & Ogilvy branches across three different time zones (Atlanta, London & Singapore) to deliver requests from all markets simultaneously
Produced multiple options for creative adaptation of the campaign name and headlines
Transcreated all in-hotel Point of Sale collateral, web content and 24 trigger emails for the campaign, delivering a total of 15,000 words across nine languages and markets
Validated all copy for the Japanese market
Reviewed the layout of all assets delivered to ensure quality
IHG Into the Night's English IHG Into the Nights English


IHG Into the Nights Japanese IHG Into the Nights Japanese


Alexandra Aspinall

Alexandra Aspinall

I work as the Project Manager on the IHG client team for Freedman London. Which means I spend my time taking briefs for localisation of different IHG campaigns and training initiatives, allocating them within the team and ensuring that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

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  • “They had picked up on a translation that had been done by another agency, and they realised there was an issue with it. It was a genuine “we know what we’re talking about, we don’t think you’d be happy with this error”, and I’m really grateful that they flagged it. If they hadn’t it would have gone on unseen and would have gone out to lots and lots of our hotels wrong.” 

    Director, Global Operations