International campaigns without the pain

The six pillars for success


Welcome to a world of pain-free international campaigns.


International campaign management can be chaotic, stressful and some say painful. This is often how new clients describe their international campaign process before we start working with them. We get it – there’s a lot to juggle – with layers of internal and external stakeholders all needing to be updated, co-ordinated and managed, concepts checked and tested, and that’s not to mention getting the quality and cultural relevance of the campaign just right – it’s a lot!

Over the last 30 years we have helped some of the world’s biggest brands smooth out their international campaign set-up, enabling them to deliver on time, on budget with culturally relevant campaigns. This experience has enabled us to identify six pillars which if assessed and optimised, can help marketers deliver pain-free, effective campaigns.

Kevin Freedman on the six pillars of pain-free international campaigns.

Webinar series starting July 2024.

The six pillars for ‘pain-free’ international campaigns.


Discover the art of creating campaigns that are truly adaptable and effective in all markets.

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Learn how to make sure every step is optimised for smooth collaboration and execution.

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From unused assets to media plans not being met, understand how to reduce wastage.

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Choosing the right tech is a challenge - tech can be a game changer or a distraction, slowing your progress.

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Key to growth success is taking time to assess what’s working and importantly, what’s not. Can you afford not to review your international campaign process?

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How do your international campaigns measure up?

The International Campaign Check-up is a quick survey designed to take stock of a brand’s current international campaign set up.

In under 5 minutes, you will get a score to guide where to focus both you and your teams’ precious time in the pursuit of pain-free campaigns.

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