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The Situation

Twitch is the go-to platform for millions of gamers worldwide. And now it’s challenging the established streaming platforms by offering new and exciting live content across all genres. However, to keep attracting new audiences across the globe, Twitch decided their marketing content and user experience needed to feel less US-centric. They came to Freedman for help. Our goal was to review their key product/marketing content and user experience across web and mobile. The focus would be on the cultural and linguistic elements, ensuring that Twitch was getting it right in their local markets. 


The Solution

We set to work identifying and optimising key areas that could be more culturally relevant. Our in-market auditors and linguists analysed Twitch’s content, providing scoring for the web and mobile experience in the languages required. We put together an in-depth review, including recommendations for improving design, copy and the overall look and feel. 

The Outcome

We provided Twitch with the insights they needed to maximise their local content, including: 3 localisation audit scorecards, 1 master report and 1 executive summary across all their target markets. Twitch used our data to optimise their touch points, ensuring that the user experience felt relevant and authentic – a must for any digital brand looking to achieve global greatness. 

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