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The Situation

Back in 2016, a leading online recruitment company asked us from help. They’d realised that they needed a better and faster advertising model to help them grow globally. They’d been working with a big, traditional advertising agency to globalise their campaigns. The pace was too slow. The cost was too high. A one-size-fits-all approach didn’t work for their diverse target markets. 

The Solution

As a result, they brought their creative in-house and built a bespoke independent agency network, partnering with Freedman for global support. Our role has been to provide local insights, ensuring that campaigns and content work across multiple markets. Working in collaboration with their media agency, we produce, adapt and implement their campaigns across all markets.

The Outcome

Our relationship with this brand is still going strong. We continue to handle their global marketing requirements and have designed and built new processes to ensure smoother communication across all partner agencies, enabling better coordination, greater responsiveness and faster campaign delivery. We’ve also taken on a more strategic role, getting involved in planning and pre-production, ensuring the brand reaches its full global potential.

This brand is now the world’s largest and fastest growing internet recruitment company – operating in 60+ markets, in 28 languages and rapidly expanding across new regions, with revenues growing 50% year on year.

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