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The Situation

12 brands, 840,000 guest rooms, 5,656 hotels, 100+ countries… IHG is a major global player in the hospitality sector. As you can imagine, consistent brand experience and excellent customer service worldwide is fundamental to IHG’s global success. To deliver a strong brand everywhere, communication with customers and staff must be localised with care across all markets.

The Solution

Over the last 15 years, Freedman have built a strong partnership with IHG (in fact, we’re now their select localisation partner for global and regional communications). We manage the brand’s image and message, adapting central creative for each market and we work with teams across all regions and all business areas. 

To fully cater to IHG’s needs, we’ve established dedicated teams in London and New York, providing IHG with a highly experienced team of linguists and brand ambassadors across 20 markets. Our team has been immersed and trained in the IHG brand and tone of voice, meaning the IHG brand experience is consistently expressed in all communications for each hotel brand across all markets.

The Outcome

IHG can rely on us to get it right every time. Week in week out. They value our high quality, global service and our fast response times.

Now, the IHG brand experience always lives up to expectations, resulting in steady growth – 5.6% year on year over the last 3 years. 

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