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The Situation

In 2014, after 7 years of success in the US, Fitbit’s focus shifted towards boosting their international presence. It was time to find a global creative production partner who could take an advertising campaign for the US product and roll it out globally, supporting sales and brand growth. That’s when Freedman made its entrance.  

The Solution

By leveraging Fitbit’s US creative, we built – and continue to manage – a world-class model for their global campaigns. This model ensures all content including interface, website, app, learning content, ad content and more, is on-brand globally, but also hits the mark locally. 

We’re now an embedded part of Fitbit’s global marketing team, always on hand to scale up resources as needed. We’re here to look after the brand on a global level, and to ensure that all content makes an impact in local markets. 



The Outcome

We are now an embedded part of Fitbit’s global marketing delivery team. With our help, Fitbit has continued to thrive internationally, both by growing market share in existing territories as well as launching into new markets.

Despite facing brutal competition from Apple, Fitbit continues to be the #1 wearable brand globally. In 2019, Fitbit’s revenue from international markets rose to almost 50% of total revenue, up from just 25% 5 years earlier. 

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