Our Solutions To Your Global Marketing Challenges

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Our Solutions

We combine creative, production,
localisation and marketing operations
to help brands thrive everywhere.

Global Creative

Forget about awards. Powerful global creative is about more than accolades. It’s about campaigns that shake the world, resonating beyond nationality or culture. 

Freedman helps you decrypt our complex world. Our network of in-market creatives and planners allow you to craft ideas fuelled by local reality. We help you analyse competitor activity and foresee any local trends, allowing you to adjust your strategy and keep your content on point. The result? Campaigns that are culturally relevant and creatively brilliant.

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Scalable Production

Hundreds of markets. Thousands of channels. Brands are pushed to the limit, having to produce a continual stream of content. We’re here to take the pressure off by delivering the scale you need, across channels and time zones. Online, offline – we do it all. 

For us, scaling up doesn’t mean slowing down. We pride ourselves on being fast and nimble, no matter the scope. From content planning to delivery, we always find efficiencies, delivering quality output at speed.

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Expert Localisation

Localisation is the unsung hero of global marketing. But we give localisation the attention it deserves. 

At Freedman, our local writers ensure that every word in every market rings true. From copywriting to translation, from taglines to video scripts – no matter the scenario, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry about brand consistency. Our experts pay careful attention to tone of voice, meaning your brand never gets lost in translation. 

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Global Marketing Operations

Global-local collaboration, budget management, local media requirements… global marketing operations can be painfully complex. But they don’t have to be. 

Our experts are here to optimise your operation, advising on stakeholder management, global-local collaboration and streamlined processes. Following our intervention, expect increased ROI, shorter lead times and greater market engagement – and that’s just naming a few rewards. 

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