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APAC Managing Director


APAC Managing Director

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Naomi is an expert problem solver and believes “you can find excuses or you can find a way.”

Informed by 20 years of industry experience and expertise, Naomi manages Freedman’s APAC office and looks after our clients’ interests in the region.

She applies her deep understanding of local culture and ways of working to help bridge the gap between global, regional, and local markets.

Naomi is an expert problem solver, believing that “you can find excuses, or you can find a way.” She listens carefully to every client’s unique situation, taking their challenge on board to provide them with the right solution.

The global brands on which Naomi has worked include: Volkswagen, HSBC, Suntory, J&J, Omron, YKK, Hitachi, Moët Hennessey, GSK, and more.