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Ella Gancarz - executive producer


Executive Producer

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“Over-estimate production challenges, but never over-promise to your clients.”

Informed by 12 years of industry experience and a Master’s in Film Studies, Ella manages video and photo shoots, and post-production for our clients.

Using her knowledge of local talent, from crew to cast members, Ella helps brands to produce high quality content which resonates with local audiences.

For Ella, a producer’s role is about “over-estimating production challenges, while never over-promising to clients.” She is known for meticulously organising international shoots, planning for all eventualities.

Above all, Ella believes in the importance of honest communication and collaboration, ensuring that clients are kept in the know throughout the entire production process.

The brands on which Ella has worked include: Fitbit, Twitch, Oracle, Facebook, Head Tennis, Reckitt Benckiser, Apple, Ducati and Ford.