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Agata Watroba


Transcreation Director

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Agata uses her love of linguistics to help brands deliver impactful local messaging.  

With over 15 years in the industry and a Master’s in Linguistics, Agata applies her love of words to her role at Freedman, ensuring that brands can successfully tell their story to audiences around the world.  

As Transcreation Director, Agata is responsible for overseeing the localisation of global marketing campaigns across all media channels for our clients.  

She ensures that localised assets always combine a brand’s personality combined with local nuances and sensitivities to deliver globally consistent, locally relevant messaging.  

Her work mantra is simply “Don’t settle”. Agata doesn’t let herself get stuck in a routine, approaching every new localisation task with an open mind to find new and impactful ways to deliver a brand’s message locally.  

The brands on which Agata has worked include: Asus, Canon, Levis, Regus, Hilton, Oracle, Facebook, Twitch and more.