Three takeaways from the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

Firstly, it’s great to be back to meeting people in person! After recently attending the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2022, our MD for APAC, Naomi Hama, shares her top three takeaways from the two-day event:


  • TAKEAWAY 1: Trust, confidence and communication continue to be key to the successful management of campaigns across APAC and HQ  – Often the biggest challenges facing marketers and brand leaders when communicating and leading teams across the vast amount of very different individual countries in Asia is the a) Lack of understanding about the region (by HQ), b) Flexibility to adapt content and c) Misalignment on the matrix. Some suggestions to overcome these challenges included:


    • Education and communication
    • Taking time to build trust and confidence with the global teams
    • Involving the global teams earlier in the planning
    • Closing the loop (making sure you go back with the result)


  • TAKEAWAY 2: COVID has actually given an opportunity for APJ to be more top of mind – The shift towards the adoption and reliance on the virtual world has enabled APJ to be more accessible for the US and global teams – being able to attend online events, meetings over video becoming the norm etc as everyone was working from home.


  • TAKEAWAY 3: Customer Empathy” or “Humanising B2B marketing” – This was a core theme of the event, the power of human empathy and how you can deliver empathy at scale. With marketing getting evermore complex and the need to keep up with technological advancements and ROI measurements, often customer empathy is a second thought – with less than 10% of budget going on brand for most of the tech sector (with a heavy weighting on demand gen activity).  Taking a B2C approach, humanising customers and tying these ‘human’ messaging into the buying situation will grow in importance.


Overall, communication, understanding and trust are going to continue to be more and more essential for growth across both internal teams and customers.


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