Three takeaways from Cannes Lions 2022

With Cannes Lions feeling like a distant memory, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the three takeaways I gained from my week immersed in the creative epicentre!


Takeaway 1: Building a Global Brand requires dedication to a people-first approach

We all appreciate the importance of putting people at the heart of a brand and developing products, comms and campaigns with the audience in mind, but this is set to be accelerated to a whole new level. During a session between Alex Schultz, CMO and VP of analytics at Meta and David Droga Creative Chairman at Accenture Song, they discussed how building a brand based around people and the concept of using a brand platform to open the world up, is going to be fundamental. The metaverse was used as an example of ‘literally’ putting people at the heart of a brand – it’s all about bringing people together, breaking down barriers and putting human connection at the core.


Takeaway 2: Innovation is moving at the speed of life

With Accenture rebranding to Accenture Song, David Droga explained how more than ever humanity is driving innovation like never before. The relationship between technical prowess, connection, inspiration, creativity, imagination has never been more blurred and companies need to ensure their companies and all facets move at the pace of life to remain relevant.


Takeaway 3: DE&I is fundamental to a brands growth  

DE&I is not new and companies are at varying levels of embedding policies and processes to authentically represent everyone. This was a huge topic at Cannes this year and one which was a thread through the entire programme. It was also evident that work that has a core purpose to increase DE&I was more prevalent among the winners. It seemed clear that this is now a core attribute recognised as an element which contributes to the overall success of a campaign. 


I certainly came away feeling empowered, hopeful and proud to work within the creative industry; specifically as our core motive at Freedman is to help brands connect with audiences in every market, developing communications which respect local cultures, ensure creativity is inclusive, as well as protected so everyone has the same experience with a brand.


To find out how we can help you put people at the heart of your localisation strategy, add a valuable layer of cultural nuance and ensure DE&I is represented authentically for every market, get in touch.

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