Tips to ensure campaigns are accessible across multiple markets

Did you know the official sign language in Australia is Auslan?… with at least 15% (according to the world bank group) of the worldwide population stated to have an accessibility issue, brands need to start thinking about how their campaigns are accessible in every market, channel and for everyone.

The Cadbury’s campaign’ sign with fingers big and small‘ is a fantastic example how a brand has brought their purpose to life in a credible, empathetic and warm way (synonymous of Cadbury’s) using their platform to raise the profile of an important topic and raising the bar when it comes to the power of brand communications and the part they can play in people’s lives.

Watch the advert here

Campaigns like this are important, and even more important to make sure this wonderful purpose isn’t lost when communicating across different markets. How would this campaign work if they wanted to recreate it in Australia or the US? We have experience working on similar campaigns and I thought you might like to know how we approach such projects:

1) (always) Start with insights – providing in-depth insight into the necessary market and advertising for the hearing impaired etc, including any red flags
2) Cultural consultation on the concept – red flags, sensitivity, relevance, visual, casting, copy, closed captions for what’s happening if necessary etc
3) Connect the right people – we would work with the American or British sign language society (or relevant association in country) to help ensure everything is being presented correctly and to gain deeper insights into the market
4) Guidance and production support for the campaign, including casting and copy advice together with transcreation – every sign language is different so the ad would have to be shot each time for a new market – even British and American sign languages are different so this should be taken into account, they should not be used interchangeably
5) Check and check again – Continual checks with in-market specialists and our in-house, dedicated brand guardians
6) Delivery of campaign to media outlets

What’s your brand purpose and can we help you protect it, and bring it to life, through your communications across markets?

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