Instability and decentralization: strategists on marketing’s new risks and rewards

Article first published in The Drum 

Marketing, some would say, is in a transitional period characterized by change and uncertainty. Luckily, the industry has trained a whole discipline of people to navigate uncertainty, grapple with the unexpected and prepare for the future: strategists. At a recent roundtable event with strategy experts from The Drum Network, we couldn’t help but ask: what’s the one change on the horizon that marketers should be planning around?


Matthias Gray, strategy director, Freedman International: systemic risk and empathy

We’re living in a time with a lot of systemic risks. It forces us to be in a constant crisis mode to a degree, and that forces us to act differently. One thing that’s really important within that is empathy: to be empathetic to business leaders we’re working with; understanding what those challenges mean to them and where they’re coming from. And, on the other hand, what those big challenges mean to people. And then, in the middle, bring this together as a strategy.


Article first published in The Drum – read the full article

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