Freedman International launch Local Insight Products to support global brand building

Local insight continues to be global marketers’ most powerful tool to ensure their global-to-local campaigns are authentic, relevant and effective. With over 30 years’ experience Freedman International have worked with many global brands including Fitbit, Indeed, EA, Meta and more providing insights, recommendations and advice to ensure their brand message lands correctly and effectively across every market.


Freedman have launched a suite of four new Local Insight Products (Explore, Belong, Communicate & Validate) designed to support global marketers at every stage of their brand’s localisation journey. From gaining macro insights into a new market they might want to enter (Explore) and understanding how brand narratives should be communicated across multiple markets (Belong); through to local insight into current cultural trends which impact how a brand communicates in market (Communicate) and finally checking a campaign concept and assets to ensure they are appropriate and relevant (Validate). Across this suite of products, global marketers will receive the insight, guidance and cultural recommendations needed to deliver impactful, effective global campaigns.


Kevin Freedman, CEO of Freedman International comments ‘these products have been carefully developed using the years of knowledge, feedback and understanding we have gained from working with some of the biggest global brands on multiple market campaigns’’


He continues ‘we are passionate about building brands internationally and ensuring what they stand for is replicated across all markets – we feel strongly that every customer should have the intended experience with the brand no matter where they are based in the world – and the way to do this successfully is through genuine insights, to gain a deep understanding of how best to communicate with your audience in their own environment.’


Matthias Gray, Head of Strategy at Freedman International adds ‘Put simply, local insights is fundamental information needed to understand and connect with audiences in different countries. We understand entering unknown markets can feel like a daunting task to most brands and we hope Freedman’s new products help brands conquer different marketing challenges and better understand how to approach the right consumers with the right creative storytelling’


Find out more about the products here

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