Freedman and Fitbit collaborate on UK Welcome Back, Stay Well campaign

In May 2021, Fitbit welcomed us back with a message of optimism in its latest UK campaign for Fitbit Sense. Developed by Freedman, the OOH campaign promoted the advanced health smartwatch Fitbit Sense, while being contextually sensitive and relevant. 


Through a warm and positive “Welcome back, Stay well” message, adapted depending on media placement, Fitbit got closer to its local UK audience. London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow… the campaign captured the moment, focussing on iconic locations and coinciding with the reopening of cinemas and restaurants.The campaign is a perfect example of Freedman’s insight-driven localisation in action. Working in close collaboration with the team at Fitbit, the Freedman team crafted a simple message that resonated with the UK audience, while delivering the brand’s global purpose of health and wellness. For Matthias Gray, Global Strategy Director at Freedman, the campaign was a fantastic opportunity to “see the Freedman insight-driven thinking having a positive real world effect”. 


Bringing a human, emotional dimension to a product activation, the latest Fitbit campaign proves that brands must focus on human truth across all their local communications. Adam Buxton, Global Creative Director at Freedman loves how “regardless of age, gender or location, the “Welcome back, Stay well” message helped get people across the UK smiling again.”

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