Authentically communicate brand purpose across multiple markets

94% of Gen Z expect companies to take a stand on important social issues, and 90% say they are more willing to purchase products that they deem beneficial to society.

What is your brand’s reason to exist?

Values, vision, purpose, mission – whatever you call it – you need to know what your brand stands for, which values generate champions and how it can help customers.

From seeking to change the world or to simply improve people’s day-to-day quality of life, a brand’s reason to exist needs to be about more than making money. In other words, your values, vision, purpose, mission should give people a reason to believe in and connect with your brand.

Look at Patagonia’s purpose – to protect the planet – which informs everything the brand does. From its core value – cause no unnecessary harm – to its commitment to various environmental issues. Similarly, a brand might pledge to be inclusive to all and as a result align itself with causes that champion the LGBTQIA+ community. Or to support people’s physical health and mental wellbeing – like Fitbit’s mission to empower its customers to live happier and more active lives.

Having defined a reason to exist, the key to a brand’s global marketing success rests in its ability to convey it clearly, creatively, and consistently in local markets around the world. That’s where we come in, helping marketers communicate a brand’s reason to exist in a way that resonates with the target audience and is relevant to every region it has a presence.

To keep things simple, we’ll refer to a brand’s reason to exist as its ‘purpose’.

Communicating brand purpose

In recent years, expressing your purpose has become increasingly important because consumers want to purchase products and services from brands that are a force for good. They want businesses to not only raise awareness of a cause or issue but actively support a cause or issue.

So how can you communicate brand purpose? How can your messaging ensure audiences worldwide know what your brand believes in and understands how it’s bringing about positive change? One word: insight.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why a brand must credibly align itself with a cause or issue that’s specific to that region and convey purpose in a way that’s relevant to local audiences.

By combining local market knowledge with audience research and creative testing, you’ll have the insights you need to launch a successful campaign – whoever you want to reach, wherever they might be.

Our local market research and understanding revolves around four areas, country, culture, consumer, and category to achieve this level of insight.

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