Adam Buxton and Matthias Gray enhance Freedman’s creative and strategic expertise

To help clients better connect with local audiences in a fast-changing world, Freedman is evolving. Our core mission remains the same – to localise, produce and deliver powerful brand communications worldwide – but we are extending our strategic and creative offering, with a focus on insight-driven localisation.

Freedman has appointed two industry experts to build these new capabilities. Adam Buxton joins as Global Creative Director. With over 20 years of global advertising experience across a range of brands and agencies and driven by the belief that a good idea can originate from anywhere, Adam is a trusted creative leader. Adam will develop Freedman’s creative production services, ensuring our clients’ creative ideas are executed with impact at a local level. Alongside Adam, Matthias Gray joins Freedman as Global Strategy Director. Matthias brings a wealth of experience working with global brands across verticals, helping them unlock the path to local success and strengthen their strategic offering. Both Matthias and Adam will be instrumental in shaping Freedman’s future and in identifying opportunities to support our clients earlier on in the creative process, resulting in better local performance.