5 Minutes with... Lucy French

Lucy recently joined Freedman International as a Senior Account Manager. Lucy talks about her passion for global marketing and advertising and the importance and power of positivity in creating an inclusive and productive working environment.


  1. What’s your role at Freedman?
    I have joined a fabulous team as Senior Account Manager. Establishing and maintaining strong and effective client relationships is at the heart of what I do. I’m excited to go on this next adventure with Freedman!


  1. Tell us a bit more about what you were doing before joining Freedman?
    Working at a production and localisation agency where I was lucky enough to work with some world-renowned clients across a range of industries. This is where I found my passion for the global marketing and advertising world and am excited to bring this enthusiasm to Freedman.


  1. What superpower are you bringing to Freedman?
    Positivity is a big one for me. I think it makes for a more inclusive working environment to stay productive. With what’s been going on these last few years I think positivity goes a long way.


  1. What’s your secret to success?
    I believe there are a few recipes to success, however communication is super important! Whether it’s with a client or to the rest of your team – open and honest communication is key to ensure the best outcome.


  1. When you’re not working at Freedman you are…
    When I’m not wandering the fields with my dog I’m planning my next get away trying to keep those holiday blues at bay! My goal this year is to dust off the old camera and get back into photography.


  1. What aspects of your job excite you the most?
    Working through a challenge with a client and seeing the success and satisfaction it brings. That feeling is very fulfilling.