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As your brand expands globally it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver fast-moving marketing campaigns and communications efficiently, consistently and with effective measurement across all your key markets. Freedman’s Marketing localisation Index (MLI) assesses your current marketing localisation situation, highlights areas in need of optimisation and provides actionable advice to help you deliver effective and consistent localised marketing campaigns.


How the Marketing Localisation Index can help you

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Freedman’s Marketing Localisation Index is an online tool to help you evaluate how your organisation is performing in different areas relating to marketing localisation. Completing the MLI is easy, taking no more than 5 minutes of your time. At the end, you will receive a bespoke report with actionable steps to help your organisation optimise its current marketing localisation model.


Transform localisation into a growth asset

Optimising your marketing localisation model is paramount to achieving sustainable growth. To do this, you must remove any friction or inconsistencies in your process while
uncovering the hidden potential of your global brand.

Mastering your marketing localisation process will allow you to:

  • Deploy a consistent brand in market
  • Connect with diverse local audiences
  • Find efficiencies and increase ROI
  • Foster a global-to-local growth mindset


Harness the five pillars of marketing localisation

The MLI examines five pillars of your global marketing and localisation performance:

  • Marketing Localisation Index diagramGlobal-to-local model: this area will provide a view into the operating model in place for the marcomms & localisation function.
  • Cultural competence: this area will assess your organisation’s capability to deploy global marketing programmes that resonate locally.
  • Brand governance: aims to identify the measures in placeto ensure brand safety.
  • Dynamic capability: describes your organisation’s ability to deliver global marketing communication at speed and scale, while reacting to changes fast.
  • Attribution: Here we will determine your organisation’s ability to measure
    the impact of localised creative in local markets.


Turn insight into action

You can use the insights from your MLI report in a number of ways:

      • Assess your marketing in terms of localisation best practice
      • Get advice on how to optimise your global operation
      • Engage your team in a discussion on localisation needs
      • Pinpoint areas of weakness in your current model


In under 5 minutes the MLI test can help you uncover how to optimise your marketing localisation – ultimately unlocking your brand’s global potential.

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