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Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

  • We believe that the new era of global marketing is here. We’re ready for it.
  • We believe there’s a divide in our industry – the Boomers vs the Next Generation marketers. It’s not about age. It’s about how you think. 
  • We believe in disruption. We only work with boundary-pushing, digital native brands. Innovators who challenge the status quo.
  • We believe independent agencies are the future. Clients need fast, flexible partners.
  • We don’t believe in best practice. We believe in better practice. Always learning. Always evolving. 
  • We believe in a lab not factory environment. Small teams think on their feet and outside the box.  
  • We don’t believe in timesheets or selling by the hour. We sell outcomes, not inputs. 
  • We believe in building a community of global talent. We bring together the best minds from around the world. 
  • We believe in the value of local. Brands need to act global, think local. No ifs, no buts. 
  • We believe in the next generation of global marketers. We empower them in their mission to take on the world.

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