Don’t go viral for the wrong reasons.


Your safety net for global campaigns.

You will never want to go live without Validate again.

From checking that creative concepts will work in-market, through to cultural advice on campaign imagery, we will pick up any cultural red flags in enough time for you to amend and go live with peace of mind.


  • Peace of mind: protect your brand and avoid a cultural mishap with checks on comprehension, relatability, familiarity of/with creative and optimisation for a cultural fit
  • Get representation right: copy, visual and casting that works in market
  • Receive local expertise: validate your creative locally – from concept to execution

Risks Avoided

  • Generic campaigns: generic, underrepresented home-centric campaigns which alienate a majority of the markets you are covering, limiting your brands growth
  • Wasted budget and time: assets, messaging not working in all markets leads to wasted time and money
  • Core messages not understood: lack of validation can lead to the most important brand copy not working across markets

Insights included in Validate:


Expert assessment of ideas and messages of your creative idea/concept/adcept against market context


Cultural contextualisation:  Assessment against cultural factors, evaluating comprehensibility, relatability, familiarity and cultural red flags


Evaluation of settings & scenarios and visual aspects. Including design or material aspects such as objects, architecture, scenery, etc.


Linguistic assessment of advertising messages and copy. Evaluating if both are transcreatable and understandable.


Assessment against local market demographics and local DEI best practices, ensuring representation.


Identification of issues.

Recommendations provided to optimise creative are provided.

Who is it for?

It really is an essential for all global marketers. Not only will it give you peace of mind that the campaign is appropriate for the necessary market, it will also provide a third party safety net to ensure you don’t go viral for the wrong reasons.



Our Methodology

Our Global Talent Community

Sourcing talent from our global community of 350+ in-market experts in 95 countries, we recruit the experts to deliver bespoke insights for our clients, chosen based on their specialism from planners, linguists and researchers, we get the right people to deliver invaluable insight.

Global Consumer & Market Data

We leverage access to Statista resulting in Global Consumer Surveys across 55 countries and 60k respondents, market intelligence covering 1m statistics on more than 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources and 170 different industries.

Local Consumer Research

Primary research with direct access to consumers in any market. Working with external recruitment & research partners we conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews or qualitative & quantitative surveys to discover the necessary insights.

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