Connect with your local audience through purpose.


Impact through empathy.

Put your brand’s core purpose at the heart of your communications, and gain a deeper connection with your local target audience. Our Belong Product enables you to explore how to connect your brand’s purpose with local cultures, and how best to authentically communicate to each market.


  • Stay curious: explore open questions and uncover possibilities for your brand across markets including emerging trends and tomorrow’s reality
  • Connect on an emotional level: create an emotional connection with your local target audience
  • Be authentic & credible: feel confident you are communicating with credibility and authenticity

Risks Avoided

  • Appear out of touch: through superficial advertising narratives and misaligned creative/messaging 
  • Go viral for the wrong reasons: cultural mishaps are easy to make and hard to recover from, especially when trying to connect with an audience through a purpose
  • Alienate your audience: belonging to a community is nuanced and personal, if this is not respected you risk damaging your brand’s reputation

Insights included in Belong:


  • Country
  • Demographics
  • Characteristics
  • Developments
  • Regulation


  • Personality
  • Tensions
  • Shifts


  • Attitudes & preferences
  • Motivations
  • Barriers
  • Shifts
  • Causes


  • Dynamics & trends


  • Themes
  • Barriers & red flags
  • Opportunities
  • Implications
    • Conceptual
    • Creative
    • Visual
    • Linguistic

Who is it for?

Brand and marketing leaders who are committed to putting their brand purpose at the heart of all communication. Belong provides action-oriented insight into a specific theme, cause or purpose and how brands need to adapt their communications to ensure they are authentic in multiple markets.



Our Methodology

Our Global Talent Community

Sourcing talent from our global community of 350+ in-market experts in 95 countries, we recruit the experts to deliver bespoke insights for our clients, chosen based on their specialism from planners, linguists and researchers, we get the right people to deliver invaluable insight.

Global Consumer & Market Data

We leverage access to Statista resulting in Global Consumer Surveys across 55 countries and 60k respondents, market intelligence covering 1m statistics on more than 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources and 170 different industries.

Local Consumer Research

Primary research with direct access to consumers in any market. Working with external recruitment & research partners we conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews or qualitative & quantitative surveys to discover the necessary insights.

Let’s chat…

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