The challenges faced by global brands in the era of cultural competence

In an era defined by cancel culture, empowered identities and a fragmented global context, brands must become culturally competent to truly connect with audiences around the world. From understanding the global movements that shape our modern world, to navigating local cultural nuances, to using appropriate language and tone – cultural competence has become a crucial skill for brands to hone.

Join the next Global Marketers’ Club event, on Tuesday 25 May, from 4pm to 5pm BST / 11am to 12pm EST, as we delve into the era of cultural competence – an era that presents both challenges and opportunities for global brands. This exclusive roundtable will bring together global marketing leaders, all driven by the same passion for building distinctive brands.

Together we will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The super power of local insight to build a culturally competent brand
  • The lessons we can learn from culturally competent brands
  • From localising creative to hitting the right tone – practical ways to increase your brand’s cultural competence
  • Where brands fail in incorporating local insights into their global campaign process
  • Why an insight-driven approach to localisation is key to achieving cultural competence

This event is tailored to senior marketers working for fast-growing brands, in a global or regional function.

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