Freedman International’s technology is designed to power fast, on-brand and stress-free global marketing campaigns across multiple media, multiple languages and multiple markets. Our unbiased approach to technology allows us to partner with, and customise, a best-in-breed technology solution that is focused on our clients specific requirements. Freedman has partnerships in place with a number of leading Digital Asset Management and Translation Management systems and other technology providers.

Our technology is:

24/7 accessible
Mobile friendly
User friendly
Fast, effective and efficient

Freedman’s global marketing implementation technology includes:

Freedman Digital Asset Management powered by Xinet
Freedman Translate powered by WordBee
Freedman Subtitle
Freedman Approve powered by ProofHQ
Freedman Deliver powered by Aspera

Freedman Digital Asset Management
Powered by Xinet

Freedman Digital Asset Management, allows our global brands to manage their global campaign assets in one centralised repository, this is one instance of the truth for all local markets to access, maintaining brand marketing material as well as sharing all the latest campaigns implemented. Using intelligent metadata driven filtering to find and search for your content quickly and efficiently is a real benefit, retrieving and distributing digital assets such as photos, videos, audio file and animations effectively with ease.

Freedman Digital Asset Management enables you to:

Manage all of your digital brand assets in one place, from documents, to graphics to videos, including the latest HTML5 banners.
Rapidly search, manage, deploy and repurpose new assets or content to market with powerful search and cataloguing capabilities.
Scale this enterprise-wide solution as you grow your business.
Access built-in high availability and failover protection.
Reduce risk of infrastructure failure and security breach.
Increase ROI as sophisticated metadata functionality lets you find and reuse previously created assets, reducing production costs and time to market.

Freedman Translate
Powered by WordBee

Freedman Translate, allows for the swift selection of translators, proof readers and validators according to specified criteria, and also lets you upload all the project files to be translated, managing the transfer of information between participating members. Improved translation and transcreation by adding reference material and more importantly translation memory to be leveraged reducing client costs and time for content that’s been translated previously.

Requesting a quote or launching a new translation project is quick and simple and you will automatically be sent costs to approve upfront.

Freedman Translate enables you to:

Reduce ad-hoc project management and increase productivity by automating the translation workflow.
Track projects, monitor progress and view financials.
Improve brand consistency and compliance across all media and languages with access to in-built translation memory that includes brand-specific terms.
Prevent expensive retranslation.
Communicate with project managers and access a worldwide network of linguists more efficiently.
Integrate with most Content Management Systems (CMS) - flowing local language copy directly into local versions of websites and other communications.
Streamline and optimise translation and quality assurance processes.
Automatically analyse a comprehensive range of file formats to produce word counts.
Generate reports including project statistics.

Freedman Subtitle

Freedman Subtitle allows you to localise, edit and resave subtitles whilst playing the video and compares your edits with the master English copy. This app also allows the transcription of accurate, precisely timed subtitles.

More than 800 of our own in-market translators use the app to deliver the best quality copy, in local context. They consider how the subtitles will look on the screen and intuitively know the new "shape" sentences will take in each language. Subtitles are perfectly synchronised with what's being said on screen.

Freedman Subtitle enables you to:

Watch your video with translated subtitles.
Easily compare translation with English master copy.
Review and amend the translation as you wish.
Replay overwritten subtitles instantly.
Approve subtitles and their timing in-context.

Freedman Approve
Powered by ProofHQ

Freedman Approve is an online document commenting and approval tool supporting more than 50 file formats - from PDFs and images to videos, HTML5 and flash banners. Your creative files are uploaded and a list of reviewers are sent an email when it’s ready. Notifications can be sent to project managers and reviewers to ensure everyone is kept in the loop at all times. It is particularly useful for video, version control and eliminating large attachments, and assets go straight into production once approved.

Freedman Approve enables you to:

Increase productivity. Centralised, consolidated feedback keeps comments, feedback and response dialogue organised and available directly on the proofs themselves. Users can comment on the design project and on the remarks of other reviewers. Side-by-side version comparisons ensure change requests are met.
Deliver faster project turnaround and speed to market. The review cycle is quick, easy, secure, and trackable. Fewer rounds of revisions results in quicker consensus and decisions.
Proof anytime, anywhere, instantly, even when out of the office. Proofs are shared via web browser so creative services, merchandising, advertising and content coordinators get real-time views of feedback and approval status to keep projects on track.
Keep creative assets organized and synchronized for both traditional and digital media. Catalogues, direct mail, packaging, in-store signage, print ads, web pages, banner ads, mobile pages, audio, video and more.
Compliance was never easier. Project versions are time-stamped, then ProofHQ stores them as an organized, traceable audit trail.
Deliver significant environmental benefits. 100% web-based proofs are visually accurate, but require no paper, ink or courier transport.

Freedman Deliver
Powered by Aspera

Our high-speed file transfer system allows for the swift and secure transmission of very large files to and from offices, sites and/or agencies. This patented technology is known as Freedman Deliver. It overcomes the shortcomings of conventional TCP-based file transfer technologies such as FTP or HTTP.

Freedman Deliver enables you to:

Increased productivity by delivering global assets up 100 times quicker.
One click download email notifications.
Fast and secure.
  • “Their strong knowledge and partnerships with TV clearance bodies across the EU have helped us better manage approvals and submissions to media partners, saving us time and money.” 

    Senior Manager, Global Creative Strategy
  • “We had a massive project that went out on YouTube last year – 40+ videos in 16 different languages. Freedman’s video subtitling software allowed editing of subtitles in real time. It has saved us a massive amount of time.” 

    Global Digital Marketing
  • “Freedman’s proprietary tools and processes make a big difference.” 

    Global Head of Digital - Retail, Fuels & Lubricants
  • “I know they’ll pull out all the stops to deliver to deadlines. You have a lot of agencies promise that. But actually, when push comes to shove and you’re in that situation, they don’t deliver. Freedman stick to their word”. 

    Global Sales & Marketing Program Manager