Freedman can deliver pitch perfect translations of your content into any language. Our linguists ensure your words really say what you want them to say, and make people feel what you want them to feel.

In order to achieve this we draw upon our own smart technology and systems as well as a vast international network of:

800+ in-market linguists, fluent in 125 languages and living in 75 countries
100+ in-market experienced copywriters, creative writers and cultural consultants
In-market TV producers to support with complex post production and visual implementations
In-market voice-over casting agents
In-market preferred post production partners

Our services include:

Transcreation and translation
Cultural consulting and creative adaption
Multi-lingual SEO
Website localisation
Video localisation and subtitling

Transcreation and translation

Freedman will ensure your marketing assets and content crosses cultural and linguistic borders. The challenge is wider than translation; cultural nuances matter too. It's about making your voice, your message and your vision "native" to any part of the world.

Whether it’s technical translation, marketing translation within specialist areas or transcreation, we will advise you on the language solution that will work best for your campaign and then help you to deliver it.

Cultural consulting and creative adaption

Our in-market researchers and copywriters can give you cultural input on what to do and what not to do. We can advise on the images, colours, style and humour that will help you to avoid those that will not work well or cause offense to your local audience.

We consider literal, conceptual, cultural and local market landscape to visual synergy, value system of target audience, competitive uniqueness and much more.

We can help you with:

Concept screening; review of creative concepts in order to identify and forecast implementation and production needs, researching local concerns, legal issues and media, outlining suitable solutions prior to sharing concepts with local offices
Creative cultural review – strategic; evaluation of global ad platform, brand positioning and product names, making sure there’s room for local elements to be developed; trend analysis and local consumer profiling; advice on how the global idea should be localised and adapted for each market
Creative cultural review – production; identify and capture local market requirements at pre-production stage; engage with local teams and production houses; advise on local technical requirements such as product shot localisation
Creative adaption/copywriting; choosing the right words, idioms, expressions and phrases; adapting for flow and stylist form as well as accuracy

Multi-lingual SEO

Freedman can help you focus your SEO efforts outside your main markets. Our global SEO experts deliver increased search engine visibility, website traffic and conversions around the world by tying in global search engine strategies with local execution.

We can help you with:

International keyword research; based on relevant terms that customers are using to search for products and services in each of your regions rather than literal translation of terms in the source language
Global search engine optimisation; all URLs, titles and meta descriptions transcreated into local languages
Geographical targeting; geolocation targeting features within Google or Bing Webmaster Tools to specify the target country
Analysis and optimisation of competitor link strategies

Website localisation

All website localisation is conducted with SEO in mind from the start to give you better results more quickly, saving both time and money. The target culture, complete with localised imagery and the use of local and cultural references are all considered. When it comes to your sites this can involve language, communication style, design preferences and more.

Brands that successfully transcreate their websites typically see higher user engagement and conversion rates.

Video localisation and subtitling

Videos are one of the most engaging ways to reach out to your audience. Funny, clever or cute, the best videos can make people laugh, think and even cry.

Think of your own favourite clips — the ones friends have eagerly forwarded you by email, Facebook or which you spotted online; the ones that really impressed you with their wit and ingenuity. Now consider this — which of these favourites weren't in your own language? The answer to that is probably “not many”. This is why your videos should be localised.

Our linguists, backed by our technology, provide in context, timely translations. Our subtitling app means subtitles can be edited within the video and compared to the master copy.

We also work with a wide net of experienced multi-lingual actors and voice recording professionals who deliver voice-overs and provide dubbing expertise.

Our clients claim the following benefits:

25% savings on YouTube localisation related work
35% reduction in time-to-market when using our localisation tool & processes
Centralised management giving you complete visibility
Consistency across markets and strict version control
Subtitling app is compatible with the most popular video formats
Copy adaptation done in .srt format – not “cut & paste”


  • “An outstanding translation and end-to-end localisation partner.” 

    Global Digital Marketing
  • “We’ve just completed a massive project with Freedman that involved something like 90 pages of a website to be rolled out in 25 languages – that was all turned around and validated in about two weeks!” 

    Global Digital Marketing
  • “They had picked up on a translation that had been done by another agency, and they realised there was an issue with it. It was a genuine “we know what we’re talking about, we don’t think you’d be happy with this error”, and I’m really grateful that they flagged it. If they hadn’t it would have gone on unseen and would have gone out to lots and lots of our hotels wrong.” 

    Director, Global Operations