We can help you with:

Campaign planning and set-up
International project and campaign management
Local market management and validation
Global digital marketing

Campaign planning and set up

Smart global marketing teams get implementation specialists in the room at the earliest opportunity to ensure they set their campaign up right.

We can help you:

Plan multi-market campaigns; briefs, timelines, technical requirements and market variations
Ensure creative works well across multiple markets
Deliver campaign translations that resonate with local markets
Handle the production and testing of digital assets
Define how a centralised / global model for digital marketing can work in practice
Select and implement key technology tools for new ways of working
Define standard metrics and implement consistent reporting across markets

International project and campaign management

With Freedman you’ll have a single point of contact and the assurance that every detail will be carefully managed. We will engage with your head office, country managers, agencies, creative and deployment partners to keep things moving without a hitch.

We can help you:

Close any communications gap between Global Marketing and Country Marketing
Handle the needs of markets that require new creative adaptations and / or imagery
Ensure the project moves forward to meet project milestones
Manage the translation approval process for local versions
Work with local marketing teams to develop specific local variations

Local market management and validation

We believe that project management is the core skill you require and that value is added by great relationships. Our account teams are truly multinational and include more than 20 nationalities and 30 languages in-house. Everyone is language and culture aware.

We can help you:

Bridge the gap between your global team and your local stakeholders. The key is to win their support before the creative production process begins – making sure everyone has full visibility of process and roles, and a clear shared vision of what the campaign is trying to achieve
Ensure everyone is aligned on schedules and priorities
Test message suitability for different markets
Gather feedback on creative concepts

Global digital marketing

Freedman are experts in digital localisation. We know the right questions to ask, questions that creative agencies often bypass. We think about delivering a functioning localised asset before production even begins. This means we take into account technical details like XML uploads, character restrictions, fonts, local social media channels, technological limitations and legal requirements across all markets.

We advise you of any creative limitations and help you to plan around them. Freedman ensures that all your digital assets and websites are created with localisation in mind, making them easy to adapt for local markets wherever you need them around the world.

We can help you with:

Display Advertising & Marketing

HTML5 and flash banners (standard, rich, interactive, dynamic)
Mobile – static, animated gifs, HTML5
Digital OOH – static, movie, interactive, augmented reality
Online video production, localisation, VO, subtitling, versioning

Marcomms and CRM

Responsive HTML email, microsites and landing pages localisation
Hosting, blasting, management and reporting

Mobile and Social Applications

Localisation of native and web apps
Updating, adapting and conforming to market technology
Localisation of global content


Localisation and updating, mobile conforming
Global SEM strategy and implementation
Global paid search strategy and implementation


Strategy, planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting


  • “We’ve just completed a massive project with Freedman that involved something like 90 pages of a website to be rolled out in 25 languages – that was all turned around and validated in about two weeks!” 

    Global Digital Marketing
  • “Freedman’s proprietary tools and processes make a big difference.” 

    Global Head of Digital - Retail, Fuels & Lubricants
  • “Extremely organized, quick and nimble, fantastic project management skills and timely delivery.” 

    Global Head of Digital - Retail, Fuels & Lubricants
  • “They think about things that wouldn’t have crossed my mind, like, if we have to translate this into certain languages suddenly your one page becomes three. It’s that technical expertise around artwork and language that really adds value.” 

    Director, Global Operations
  • “I know they’ll pull out all the stops to deliver to deadlines. You have a lot of agencies promise that. But actually, when push comes to shove and you’re in that situation, they don’t deliver. Freedman stick to their word”. 

    Global Sales & Marketing Program Manager