If you’re planning a multi-region marketing campaign you’ll want to create campaigns and content that resonates in whatever format you create it in and wherever it lands.

As well as working directly with clients on creative, we often partner with creative agencies looking to benefit from our international network. In fact, decoupling creative from production with Freedman can significantly cut client costs as well as slash turnaround times. The creative agency concentrates on developing the ideas that will make your brand shine and Freedman concentrates on making sure those ideas resonate in multiple markets.

From a site-specific headline for an outdoor poster to a localised TV execution, tailor-made with local regulations in mind, we know what works where and we will make it work for you.

We can help you with:

International websites and online advertising
TV and video
Email and CRM
Mobile and social apps
Print production and logistics
Media schedule management

International websites and online advertising

We handle quality assurance and scoping for all potential technology and design issues - before localisation starts. Everything we create is built with localisation in mind, and it’s scalable, without sacrificing creative. We ensure language is consistent through the use of our online translation portal, and we provide you with central storage for assets.

We can help you with:


Localisation and updating, mobile conforming
Global SEM strategy and implementation
Global paid search strategy and implementation

Display Advertising & Marketing

Flash and HTML Banners (standard, rich, interactive, dynamic)
Mobile: static, animated gifs, HTML5
Digital out-of-home (OOH): static, movie, interactive, augmented reality
Online video production: localisation, voice over, subtitling, versioning

Communications and CRM

Responsive HTML email, microsite and landing page localisation
Hosting, blasting, management and reporting

Mobile and Social Applications

Localisation of native and web apps
Updating, adapting and conforming to market technology
Localisation of global content

TV and video

You have booked your media, your producer is just polishing the final TV or video edit which looks great and airs next week in 10 different countries, all is going well. The last thing you want is to hear that you won't be able to show the TV commercial or video because it contains scenes you can't show in one of the regions or because the music usage rights don't cover all your markets.

Freedman’s global production teams work across TV, cinema, radio and the expansive world of online video content.

We'll help you to produce TV and video content that works around the world, including:

Video post-production
Video adaptation and localisation
Audio post-production and localisation
Voice-over recording and negotiation
International copy clearance
Delivery to global broadcasters
Digital out-of-home

Email and CRM

Email is still the universal communications medium for global business. Freedman can help you to make email marketing work in multiple markets around the world, getting campaigns right and out there, fast. We can deliver a reduction in email localisation spend and time-to-market.

We can help you with:

Design and development
Mastering and translation
Translation: more than 800 in-market linguists, fluent in 125 languages and living in 75 countries
Testing, quality assurance & local legislation compliance
Web analytics
Streamlining review and approval processes and logging full audit trails (via Freedman Approve)
A 30% average reduction on email localisation spend
Time-to-market: our agile and scalable production process including validation

Mobile and social apps

Freedman can help you to create an app that works in multiple markets around the world. We can plan, design and build all of your mobile and social apps - with localisation in mind - and then localise your content for all mobile channels. We can deliver a 35% decrease in time-to-market.

Your app will be effective and adaptable for every single country you are targeting. We will support your teams and help you avoid any nasty surprises or incompatibilities throughout your process.

It’s not just about translating into different languages. We will consider numeric, date, time and currency formats, symbols, icons, colours, text and graphics. Localisation will mean adapting text string, metadata, launch tips, push notifications, help tips, privacy policy, your end user license agreement and more.

The rise of QR codes and augmented reality technology has now neatly closed the circle between print and digital.

Freedman offers a wide range of services in global print production and logistics. From print to outdoor advertising we help you to adapt, produce and deliver your global marketing campaigns. We offer our clients a comprehensive press advertising production service, managing the planning, production and delivery of materials across languages, markets and media.

Our print production expertise includes:

Adaptation, production and delivery for global and regional markets of advertising, POS, out-of-home, in-store and packaging
Multi-lingual typography
Mechanical artwork, from design to adaptation to localisation, always maintaining the integrity and creative vision of the original design and layout
High end retouching, creating and enhancing of photo-realistic imagery
Print production, including pre-flight, quality checks, masters, typesetting and delivery
Logistics and delivery to worldwide destinations

Freedman International provides centrally managed, multi-market, multi-lingual print production from procurement through to fulfillment and distribution. We maintain strong relationships with strategically sourced global print suppliers to deliver practical solutions that drive business results.

Our comprehensive vendor mix includes key providers in printing and imaging solutions. These partnerships, combined with our central team of print production experts, ensure a holistic solution in the execution of any marketing campaign.

We employ international couriers contracted to deliver fully traceable, time critical consignments in accordance with our SLAs.

Freedman Buy, our e-procurement software, ensures competitive pricing from a worldwide supply base as well as complete transparency. We use it to: compare and select suppliers; ensure competitive pricing and product quality; aggregate spend and negotiate more cost efficient contracts; identify benchmarks, measure cost savings; recognise & reduce non-compliant spend; and report on all transactions, providing a rich source of management information.

Media schedule management

Freedman develops global production schedules based on your media commitments, working closely with the client and media agency. We’ll schedule all activities and resources forward from the planned delivery of media-ready assets to media owners.

We can help with:

Near-time visibility of global production activities and performance on a global basis
Reprioritisation of resources and timing to ensure deadlines are met as media commitments evolve
Fast and secure delivery of final files to your media selections using Freedman Deliver software
Asset compliance: many of our clients operate in highly regulated global markets and we review regulations related to advertising within your sector so that you don’t have to
Workflow management technology that provides template-based workflow management and resource planning