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We hear you. It’s nearly June. You thought you’d be reading this on a beach somewhere on your late spring mini-break. Or, at least be on the train to work. But, for most of us, it’s business as usual from our kitchen tables…

Worry not. Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re here to put your mind at ease with some mood-boosting content. From heart-warming brand initiatives, to hilarious spoof campaigns, to clever ways to make the most of the current situation, this month’s global marketing stories are here to put the spring back in your step.


Here at Freedman, nothing gets our spirits up more than some creative competition (and the promise of an exciting prize). Inspired by the Getty Museum’s challenge to re-create famous works of art at home, we launched a competition to re-make iconic ads using props from around the house. The entries – ranging from Cadbury gorillas to iPod Nano silhouettes – were ad-stonishing (sorry, we had to). But it was a cinnamon stick smoking homage to Hamlet Cigars and a remake of a vintage Nutella ad that reigned victorious.

Take a look at all the entries here.

What’s happening in global marketing

Facebook opens Shops 

As physical stores remain closed, Facebook has pushed forward its Facebook Shops launch. This new feature allows businesses to sell their wares in-app on both Facebook and Instagram, providing consumers with a seamless shopping experience. With the ability to customise colour schemes and to curate ‘collections’, millions of businesses around the world have already signed up. A hopeful bit of news for brands struggling under lockdown laws.

Read more about this exciting e-commerce news here.

Stay CALM and race on

Last night, the mental health charity CALM hosted ‘The CALM Lock-in: Mario Kart 8 Edition’ on Twitch and Instagram Live. Athletes, comedians and actors (including the cast of global phenomenon Normal People) took part in the live-stream to raise money for the charity as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. With 2.5 billion active gamers now stuck at home and looking for entertainment, this social media activation was the perfect way to drum up support for the charity.

For more ways to use social media, gaming and live-streams as part of your current marketing strategy, read our latest blog here.

The latest in global creative

Bud Light bigs up stay-at-home geniuses

Putting a modern twist on their 90s ‘Real Men of Genius’ campaign, Bud Light’s spoof ads ‘Stay At Home Humans of Genius’ showcase the innovative ways in which we’re all keeping busy at home. From balcony sing-along starters, to indoor sports maker-uppers, to creative recipe sharers, and more… these ads celebrate the people making our world a better place right now. And with lines like: ‘No sandwich press? No problem. You’ve got an iron and no reason to wear pleated pants’, these ads are guaranteed to go down in history.

Watch the ads and have a giggle:


Touching stories from Coop and Red Cross

The Red Cross, the National Gallery of Denmark, Accenture Interactive and Danish brand Coop are working together to create a time capsule of the coronavirus crisis. Their new project, ‘Touched’, invites Danes to share their personal stories and footage of their hands to capture this moment of history. Each time a video of a hand is submitted, Coop donate 5DKK to the Red Cross to help fund their Covid-19 relief work. It’s a great way for the brands to reach out to the Danish community, raising awareness of how the pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health.

Get a glimpse of the project:

Smarter ways of working

ASOS finds a new fit in lockdown

In our January newsletter, we revealed ASOS’s latest ‘Find My Fit’ tool powered by AR technology. Now, ‘Find My Fit’ is making headlines again, as ASOS is using the tech to digitally fit new products onto models. This means ASOS can showcase items without having to carry out potentially harmful product shoots. With AI influencers and virtual models becoming more mainstream, it’ll be interesting to see how this shapes e-commerce in the long-term.

Read the full story here.

Our tips for planning social strategy during the “new normal”:

  • Be agile when it comes to channels. Right now engagement rates on Instagram are 7x higher than Facebook (source: Campaign), but the situation is always changing.
  • Try out new AR filters, like the quiz filter on Instagram Stories, to engage with fans.
  • Create “home-based” content. In the first 2 weeks of May, Google saw a 1150% rise in the search for ‘easy desserts to make during quarantine’ and the search for ‘garden’ reached an all-time high.
  • Influencers are seeing declining engagement rates. But “home-based” influencer content that adds value to consumers’ lives may still be worth pursuing.

For more insights on social strategy, download our bite-sized guide here.

Freedman recommends:

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull

They helped us to find Nemo and took us to infinity and beyond in Toy Story 1, 2, 3 and 4… But, in this must-read, Pixar’s mission is business-focused, helping companies to build and manage a creative driven culture. With tips on hiring the right people, assigning ‘mediocre ideas’ to teams who’ll make them great and overcoming fear and failure, this is a must-read for businesses as they seek to stay creative and keep moving forward during tough times.

You can find the book here.

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