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The world is opening up its doors, meaning global marketing is changing faster than ever. But, for many, the new normal might be bittersweet. TikTok, the rising star of global lockdown, may very well become a thing of the past in many countries. Add to that the multiple industries trying to pick themselves up after months of inaction only to find that their audiences have changed dramatically.

Of course, there’s still a whole host of positive news, from eco product developments, to groundbreaking femvertising, to robot delivery workers (yes, really.)
Read all about it in this month’s global marketing roundup…

The latest from the Global Marketers' Club

Real talk from leading female marketers 

Last week, we were joined by top female marketers for our latest GMC webinar, Women in Global Marketing: Real Talk, No Mansplaining. We explored it all, from marketing post #MeToo, to progressing as a woman in the marketing industry, to mentorship schemes and more.

For lots of key insights from our event, you can watch it in full here, or read our summary here.

What’s happening in global marketing

The clock is ticking for TikTok

In recent weeks, the social app TikTok has found itself stuck in the middle of a political storm. TikTok is owned by the Chinese internet company ByteDance, and concerns around the app’s data security have swept the globe. India, TikTok’s largest overseas market, banned the app last month. Not long after, TikTok pulled out of Hong Kong. The situation continues to escalate with the US considering banning it and Australia scrutinising the app’s data use. TikTok’s plans for setting up its International HQ in London are also looking doubtful. Will this mark the end of TikTok’s social media reign, and what will it mean for marketers? Let us know your thoughts.

Read more about the ongoing conflict here.


Spotify’s star-studded line-up

Spotify are partnering with Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production studio, to bring you The Michelle Obama Podcast. Featuring special celebrity guests who’ll chat candidly with Michelle about vulnerability, it’s sure to be a great listen. This news comes just weeks after Spotify landed their deal with hit podcaster Joe Rogan. The streaming platform also just launched into 13 new markets, meaning it’s now available in a staggering 93 markets. With such remarkable celebrity partnerships and rapid global expansion, Spotify’s definitely one to watch in the world of global marketing.


Get the lowdown here.

The latest in global creative

Bodyform makes room for womb stories

Women around the world face many difficulties in silence, especially when it comes to their wombs. So, Bodyform (globally known as Libresse) has released a new campaign #WombStories to ensure that the real stories of endometriosis, periods, childbirth, infertility, menopause and more are finally heard. The ad takes a mixed-media approach, interweaving animation, illustration and video footage to showcase a range of women’s experiences. The result is a bold piece of art which demands to be noticed.

Watch the ad here and discover how Bodyform created it here.


McDonald’s swims with the eco-conscious tide

After months of watching nature thrive while humanity hid indoors, research shows that many consumers feel more environmentally conscious than ever. McDonald’s Austria seems to be more than aware of this trend, making the shift to paper straws in their stores. To celebrate this new initiative, the brand has launched a new line of swimwear made entirely from recycled straws, featuring their iconic red and yellow colour scheme. The results? Consumers can enjoy some guilt-free sunbathing this summer while sipping on their McDonald’s milkshakes. Nice one McDonald’s.


Check out the full campaign here. Or, read our new blog to discover how brands can react to a rise in eco-consciousness post Covid-19 here.

Smarter ways of working

Amazon “Scouts” out a robot delivery service

Scout, Amazon’s 6-wheeled delivery robot is rolling out across America, with new trials taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, Franklin and Tennessee. While they’re still a work in progress these robots may very well be the future of Amazon deliveries, especially as contact-free delivery services continue to be a must. Interestingly, Amazon reported that trials of Scout during lockdown actually helped them keep up with increased customer demand. So, if you’re waiting on a package, keep a look out for Scout.


Read more about this tech news here.


How to successfully manage international shoots:

Some tips from our latest blog on how to carry out international shoots, ensuring your content resonates around the world:

  • Contact the clearance bodies/stations in your relevant markets to get their feedback on work in progress scripts or storyboards before you start shooting.
  • When casting local talent, ensure you get local experts to approve the casting.
  • If you’re using an international crew that doesn’t know the local culture beyond tourist landmarks, make sure they provide a real picture of the country they are filming and steer away from postcard clichés.
  • If you are carrying out multiple shoots in different countries, it’s best to carry out your postproduction at once, to ensure the creative treatment is as consistent as possible.

Read the full blog post here.

Freedman recommends

Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy – Phil Barden

Barden puts the science into consumerism, looking at what happens in our brain when we decide to make a purchase. His book includes detailed analysis of ground-breaking ads, thorough explanation of our brain’s systems, handy end-of-chapter summaries, and more. If this all sounds a bit technical, don’t worry – Barden avoids using too much scientific jargon. He writes for marketers, teaching them how to use science in order to create advertising that works. You can find the book here.

We hope these stories have provided a bite-sized overview of July, and we look forward to seeing you again in August for more global marketing updates.

Stay tuned