Global marketing in 2018: A plan for world domination

There are few marketers who haven’t dreamed of running global advertising campaigns and building a globally recognised, commercially successful brand. But what does it take to launch and build a successful brand, and more importantly where can marketers go to learn and share best practice? By definition global marketers, are global, so it’s hard to get them in a room. Every year, Freedman International analyses the major trends that are disrupting global marketing to identify the priorities for marketers in the year ahead. Working in partnership with ClickZ, Freedman International surveyed 500 senior marketers in the US and UK to get a detailed picture of the challenges and opportunities.  This year’s ‘Global Marketing’ report summarises the findings from that survey, together with the insight and experience of delivering dozens of global advertising campaigns for brands such as EA, Fitbit, Shell, Sage and IHG.

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Global Marketing 2018 report

Review the ‘Global Marketing 2018’ report and get further insight on each of these 7 themes, hear best practice from peers and understand how to apply this to your business.

How many of these 7 themes are you currently prioritising in your 2018 marketing strategy?

  • It’s good to talk: Consumers now expect brands to be able to respond to their queries at a time that suits them, to meet these demands many brands have been exploring AI powered chatbots. How will you be responding in 2018?
  • Truth and transparency: Technology is empowering consumers to search for and give user reviews. At the same time, consumers are no longer responding to perfect ‘air brushed’ ads and are demanding images that better reflect reality, warts and all. What does this mean for brand consistency?
  • The analogue antidote: Consumers are facing digital fatigue and seeking more authentic ‘analogue’ experiences. Technology offers many solutions to marketers, but how do we learn to switch off and find analogue ideas that connect?
  • Leading by example: Consumers are holding businesses to account and require high standards of ethical behaviour and diversity. But how do you implement an effective global policy that also takes into account local cultural sensitivities?
  • Life on demand: Consumers have been conditioned to be able to get what they want, when they want it. What must brands do to compete in this age of zero patience?
  • Compact creativity: Shortening attention spans mean advertising must deliver impact in a fraction of the time, particularly with younger groups consuming video content. What’s your plan to understand and deliver content that is relevant and effective?
  • Working together: The more global our campaigns become, the more people are involved and the more complex the implementation. Are you building collaborative processes?

What’s your plan for 2018? Remember, you can find a host of additional resources to help you identify best practice in global marketing on our blog.

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Complete the form and download our Global Marketing Trends 2019 report to get to know the 7 key trends we believe will help your brand thrive, everywhere.



Complete the form and download our Global Marketing Trends 2019 report to get to know the 7 key trends we believe will help your brand thrive, everywhere.