Freedman Talks: Marie Bonin on Cultural Consultation for Indeed 

At Freedman, we’re all about flexibility, tailoring our services to meet client needs. Our work with Indeed on their Emerging Markets Toolkit, as part of their campaign: The Job You’re Looking For, is a great example of our agile approach to global implementation. We sat down with our Senior Account Director, Marie Bonin, to find out how she and the Freedman team put a new spin on the implementation process, helping Indeed get clued up on cultural consultation and get more for their money. 

Firstly, what do Freedman do for Indeed? 

Put simply, we are Indeed’s global implementation agency. As with all of our clients, we investigate the general perception of imagery and creative concepts for Indeed’s global campaigns across the target markets. We provide recommendations and highlight any red flags or cultural sensitivities that could be specific to the markets in question.

What made this campaign so different from Freedman’s previous work for Indeed?

Before, when Indeed provided a brief, the response would often be very topline. However, for this latest campaign, Indeed wanted to make the most of our expertise. They asked us to provide strategic advice on the assets for the Emerging Markets Toolkit and to provide as much insight as possible into the rationale behind our recommendations for each target market.  

How did this change our ways of working?

To rise to the challenge, we took a deep-dive into Indeed’s global markets, asking our in-market creatives and broadcast team lots of highly relevant questions about their asset recommendations. We put their expertise to the test, challenging them to back up their answers with in-depth rationale, whether it be about conceptual, visual or linguistic issues. 

We also added a new layer to the cultural consultation process. Our teams compared the market findings for the individual markets, like France and Italy, to discover a global thread that connected them all. By discovering this thread, Indeed were able to use the same script (TV or radio for example) across the global markets, helping them to save money. 

Were there any challenges in implementing this new process?

This process required more time, however, it meant we could provide high-quality cultural consultation briefings and review calls. Also, we were able to deliver a meaty executive summary, which allowed Indeed to read and fully understand all of our individual market insights, and our thinking behind the global common thread. 

Finally, was everyone happy with the result? 

It was an all-round success! Indeed were really happy and found the briefing and review calls particularly helpful, saying: ‘everyone enjoyed it over here. It feels really great to work collaboratively with local market experts from the ground up. We are very much looking forward to the regroups.” As for me, I’m very excited to be optimising processes and ways of working with our Indeed client to always ensure we produce and deliver the best quality of work that we can be proud of.

Our work with Indeed proves that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to global implementation; the approach should always be agile. If you’d like to know more about our ways of working, please feel free to get in touch. 


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