Q: We normally work through our creative agency – why should we change?

A: We collaborate really well with all types of agencies – creative, digital, social, influencer, content, media and advertising agencies. We bring an international perspective to the ideation process to ensure that concepts work culturally in all markets and that any regulatory issues are resolved early. For a 360 campaign, across more than 5 markets, our international campaign expertise saves a lot of time and money across the entire process. The agencies we partner with value our technical, cultural and production input as this allows them to create even better content without the stress of managing the campaign roll-out across loads of markets.


Q: What is an ideal client for you?

A: Our clients are ambitious and aim for excellence. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo, in fact they look for business challenges that would put off many of their peers. They have experienced the challenges of managing international marketing campaigns. They are looking for a best in class way to scale campaigns efficiently, and build velocity into the way campaigns get done. They are voracious learners, always looking for a better way and keen to stay abreast of the latest tools and techniques. They appreciate great creative and listen well (to their colleagues in market). They are concerned about the quality of their brand and comms being ‘lost in translation’

Our clients work at brand oriented companies in fast moving, competitive sectors. They operate in at least 10 markets already, or have ambitious international growth plans.

They will most likely have an appointed global media agency, or be looking to appoint one in the near future to support the scaling up of their media planning and buying. They rely on an in-house agency team or “best in class” group of strategy and creative agencies. They are looking for an international campaign specialist like Freedman to join this eco-system. They are a 360 campaign advertiser, use multiple channels and media to communicate with their audiences.

Typical sectors are: FMCG, Internet, Software, Consumer tech, Fashion, Retail, Cosmetics, Pharma, Health, Food and Beverage, Travel.


Q: How do you charge / how do you price your services?

A: We offer a variety of pricing models. These include:

  • Project based price
  • Fixed monthly fee against scope
  • Value based – calculated added value
  • % of media budget

The best option will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Volume and complexity of campaigns
  • Seasonality of work – are there peaks and troughs?
  • Agility needed in the workflows
  • Technology integrations
  • Onsite working requirements


Q: Do you handle media plans?

A: Yes, it’s essential that we work alongside the media agency or media team. We have worked with all the main global agencies as well as in-house teams. We check the media plan for accuracy and completeness. We liaise with publishers to ensure tech specs are accurate. We check that content will be available for all placements and ensure that all media deadlines are met. We handle any clearance requirements and deliver fully approved assets to the media agency for trafficking or send direct.


Q: How are you using AI?

A: We are exploring and testing a variety of AI tools to support across all stages of the process. However we will only implement them if they add value and enable us to maintain the top quality product and service clients have grown to expect from us.


Q: Won’t AI take over all translations?

A: We test the capability of all major AI and Machine Learning platforms (last count 25 including Amazon, Google, DeepL, OpenAI, Microsoft) on an ongoing basis. Currently AI in the language and cultural appropriateness space is not sophisticated enough to rival human adaptation. Adaptation of advertising campaigns requires sophisticated and nuanced writing, ensuring taglines and supporting copy work in every market, remains on brand and on strategy. This highly creative language also needs to work seamlessly in situ with supporting video or visual assets.

It’s worth remembering that GenAI chatbots work by generating the next most likely word based on their huge database of existing content. This approach is unlikely to generate original content that has never before existed. Great advertising campaigns aim to influence and persuade by introducing new and original ideas, concepts and phrases that GenAI systems will struggle with.


Q: How do you work with in-house agency teams?

A: We work with many in-house teams that look to us to provide additional international campaign support that they can’t cover. Each client will be allocated a dedicated account and project director, it is their job to make sure we integrate seamlessly with any team we work with, including both internal and external agency teams. This will include understanding how they currently work and creating a bespoke workflow and approval process to ensure the smooth running of the campaign.


Q: Which countries, markets can you cover?

A: If you are advertising in a market, we can support you. We cover a majority of markets with an existing network of experts across 93 markets. In addition, we have a talent team that is dedicated to our robust and thorough recruitment process to finding new in-market specialists when needed.


Q: What is brand guardianship?

A: Brand guardianship is the process of being accountable for how the brand is represented across all assets in every market. We have dedicated Brand Guardians who start off understanding and absorbing all the brand guidelines so they can make sure brand accuracy is achieved as well ensuring the brand essence comes through across all campaign channels.


Q: What technology do you use / offer?

A. Although we are very much a people-first business, all our services are supported by an incredible best in class tech stack. We use all many major platforms including Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoom, as well as specialist platforms for project and workflow, translation automation management, AI localisation, digital asset management and templating, online approval, finance management and reporting.


Q: Can you integrate with our systems?

A. As part of our onboarding process we will investigate your tech stack and the advantages of integrating with our content and workflow systems. Our development team will evaluate the best way to integrate systems and work with your experts to make it happen.


Q: Where are your teams based?

A: Our Global HQ is in Covent Garden, London, supported by experts across Europe, Malaysia, Australia and New York. Our network of in-market specialists numbers over 1130 handpicked talents in 93 countries.


Q: Do you put people onsite?

A: Yes, this is an option we can discuss.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Standard terms are 30 days from invoice date


Q: What types of campaigns do you handle?

A: We handle many different types of international campaigns – brand advertising, product launch, market launch, brand launch, policy and corporate communications, employee brand, dealer and distributor campaigns, influencer and social campaigns, retail, and outdoor promotions.


Q: Do you handle international TV clearance?

A: We have dedicated experts that can advise on and manage TV clearance for every market worldwide. Regulations vary widely and change regularly. We keep abreast of these details so you don’t have to. Our pre-clearance service ensures that you don’t produce commercials that cannot be aired, and we will also alert you to any cultural issues early in the production process.


Q: Sounds expensive, how do brands afford your services?

A: With the average cost of advertising campaigns often running into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, the marketers who use our services are those who understand a late running campaign or an error in-market could cost them the full impact of a campaign. Our services ensure your campaigns will land on time in every market, and it’s a fraction of the price of getting it wrong. 

In this business, unfortunately, “cheap is expensive”.


Q: How do you work with other agencies?

A: We really embrace the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” and collaboration is truly part of our DNA. As agencies working on a campaign together we all have the same goal – to deliver a successful campaign that hits the business targets and with a smooth process that makes our clients’ lives easier.

We are paid to make it happen, get it right and make it smooth.


Q: How do we get started? What do you need to give us a proposal?

A: The first step is a phone call with Jade Firth (Jade.Firth@freedmaninternational.com).
We will need to have a discovery call with your marketing or creative teams that are responsible for international campaigns. The goal is to ensure we are all on the same page, and that we fully understand what you want to achieve.

We will discuss your overarching business goals, issues and challenges you may be facing today, type and frequency of campaigns you invest in, your agency set up, technology stack. We will discuss how Freedman can support, the added value we can bring and how we would envisage working together.


Q: We are doing an RFP, who should we contact

A: Please contact Jade.Firth@freedmaninternational.com Before taking part in a formal RFP process we always spend time to understand the background to the RFP, what the business is trying to achieve, how things are working today and what needs to change to deliver success for the brand. We are in the people business so it’s key that we can form an open relationship with any potential clients.