5 Pillars of effective multicultural advertising


Local insight, a global brand's superpower

When wielded in the right way, it enables global brands to become unstoppable, wherever they operate around the globe.

Helping them to remove obstacles that lie in the path to reaching their audience, allowing them to stand out and get the attention they deserve even in the busiest marketplaces. It also enhances and enables those all-important interactions between consumers and brands at the point of sale that make or break a purchase decision.

“Multicultural marketing may be the single biggest source of market growth in our industry now and for the next several years, perhaps even decades.”

Marc S. Pritchard,
Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble Co.

Creativity thrives in (and with) local culture

To enable growth, brands must be relevant at scale and for maximum effectiveness campaigns need to be rooted in powerful human and cultural truths.


Understand your consumers deeply. Empathise with their struggles and aspirations. Get to know their cultures and identify pathways to people’s minds and hearts. Be a welcome and valuable member of their community.


Develop localisation strategies that drive effectiveness on a global and local level. Tap into the fertile ground of local cultural phenomena, targeting cultural differences and addressing shared beliefs with powerful creativity.

The pillars for creative excellence

Research by WARC and the WFA has established that creativity is at its most effective when it addresses five essential attributes. However, gaining the necessary cultural depth for each elevates creativity and supercharges creative effectiveness. Explore how to approach each pillar unleashing the power of cultural insights.