Leading Online Recruitment Company – Super Bowl 2020: Resonating with diverse local audiences



Our client, a global recruitment company believes that job seeking journey isn’t linear and is filled with highs and lows which impact people’s self-esteem, confidence and overall hope, all underpinned by a universal truth – adversity. For their upcoming Super Bowl 2020 ad they needed to understand what diversity really means, the complexities of local nuances and that no two markets are the same on a hyper local level in their key markets – CAEN, CAFR, UK, FR, and NL.


Understanding that each market is unique with their own nuances in the adversities their local audience face we analysed
the audiences diversity-to-adversity job seeking barriers. From this research we provided insights from a cultural, historical, socio-economical, political and current trends context and informed on the barriers and challenges minority groups were facing.


We analysed the various concepts and overall messaging around adversity to ensure global/local resonance, and more specifically how we talk about adversity in each market. This included concept feedback, location and casting help, music, scripts and messaging. Based from our input and guidance the master ad was successfully localised in 3 local masters for CAFR, UK/FR, NL respectively (30s,20s/15s and 6s).

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