Oracle – Transforming to a centralised localisation model

The scene

Despite its worldwide presence as the second largest software company by revenue, Oracle’s marketing was largely led by local teams. This resulted in duplicated efforts and costs, and brand messaging that differed across markets.

Oracle knew they needed to regain control over the global brand narrative. The goal: moving to a best-in-class centralised marketing model. What Oracle didn’t know was how to achieve this goal.

The action

Making this goal a reality required a transformation process involving many stakeholders and the re-wiring of complex processes. As Oracle’s trusted global creative production partner, Freedman stepped in and created a framework for getting global campaigns to market. This framework included:

  • High volume, fast-paced transcreation and production
  • A lean and agile multi-agency and multi-stakeholder process
  • Effective campaign planning, management, and delivery processes for four global creative agencies, one global media agency and 100s of stakeholders worldwide

Freedman immediately became an indispensable global creative production partner. Not only by adapting and delivering a vast number of assets in multiple markets, but also by providing sound expert advice via brand incubation workshops and cultural checks. As Oracle’s brand guardian, we ensured localisation was consistent across markets and regions, such as the Middle East and APAC.

The highlights

By partnering with Freedman, Oracle was able to drive the brand narrative centrally while working in harmony with their local teams. We helped to minimise duplication and maximise local adaptation, delivering campaigns and 1000s of assets whilst adhering to various regulations in multiple languages and formats.

“They collaborate with us to find ways to work brilliantly.”

Head of Marketing Strategy and Campaigns, EMEA and JAPAC

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Freedman International helps manage large-scale, international campaigns more efficiently and scale up your international marketing if needed. For over 30 years some of the world’s most famous brands have trusted us to work closely with their teams and systems as their global localisation and transcreation partner. Our hands-on management ensures we continually drive efficiencies and improve the cultural fit of campaigns across the world.

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