Case Study

Meta launch ‘Value Campaign’


This was an essential campaign for the Meta Public Affairs Marketing team, promoting the importance of Meta platforms in Europe at the SMB and community level. The campaign ran over 9 European markets, encompassing of approx 5k assets across Display, Audio, Print and OLV. 

The Campaign deliveries were at risk due to the high volume of assets being created.

We identified the bottleneck at two stages: firstly the creative and secondly, market approval of localised assets.

Campaign deliverables and Freedman support:

  • 23x Creatives & approx 5k assets delivered to 9 European markets
    over 10 months.
  • Platforms include Display, Audio, Print, OLV.
  • Creative X (Meta’s in-house creative team) support:
    • Design expertise and localisation-focused creative adaptation 
    • Brand knowledge and guardianship
  • Public Affairs Marketing support:
    • Transcreation quality and accuracy in conveying messages in market.
    • Campaign management, speed and adaptability.


In order to speed up local approval of assets, Freedman suggested deferring this responsibility to our in-market specialists who were well-versed in the PAM requirements. 

To solve the creative approval bottleneck, in partnership with the creative agency, we devised a two-stage process whereby market adaptations were brand-checked and creatively reviewed by Freedman and the creative agency respectively, alleviating this burden from the CX team.

Freedman services included:

Creative Adaptation

Language excellence in ensuring local tagline relevance

  • Campaign taglines can be colloquial in nature and multi-faceted in meaning.
  • With this particular tagline, there was a subtle nuance we needed to reflect for all markets.
  • Meta wanted to convey that business was literally and figuratively ‘happening’ on their platforms, the tricky aspect being the figurative form of ‘happening’ that is hard to convey in other languages. Think of the phrase ‘What’s happening?’.
  • Meta were looking for a modest yet confident tone, something our language experts were able to deliver whilst maintaining the intended message.

Creative Production & Global Delivery

Design expertise in recomposition of print creatives

  • Initial masters handed to Freedman were visually incongruous
    due to the cropping and positioning.
  • Freedman design teams were tasked with re-composing the
    creative in order to align the lateral lines (as is consistent with
    the overall creative theme).
  • In collaboration with Creative X, our design team were able to
    achieve the desired aesthetic through various cropping and
    retouching methods, whilst also creating the brand aesthetic
    for the new Meta branding.

Brand Guardianship

Brand guardianship expertise to ensure consistency

  • Working closely with Meta’s in house Creative team (Creative X), the freedman design team supported the launch of the first (ever) Meta branded campaign for Public Affairs marketing (Value 1.5)
  • Due to the ‘Meta’ branding being in its infancy at this point (Nov 2021), the design guidelines had not been produced. With over 2000 assets to create for 9 markets, Freedman’s localisation design expertise was required to ensure brand consistency.
  • In collaboration with Creative X, our design team produced the required assets and a comprehensive design document to create the guardrails for this and future campaigns.


The pace at which we were able to deliver assets improved considerably without compromising on quality and brand integrity. No media live-dates were missed and the campaign ran smoothly across all intended markets.


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