Instagram - Youth & Wellbeing

The Scene

Family safety is not the most dynamic side of social media — and it needs sensitivity. Nuance matters, but when you’re turning assets round at speed, this can fall by the wayside. Despite having a strong localisation team, Meta turned to us as specialists to help get it absolutely right.

The Action

We initiated a series of bespoke cultural consultations on initial concepts, analysing director treatments, storyboarding, scripts, casting, wardrobe and locations. All were aimed at maximising emotional relevance across France, Italy and the United Kingdom with their specific socio-demographic characters, as well as raising cultural red flags.

The final route utilised the common denominators we’d identified, avoiding specific market edits and their additional costs.

Freedman delivered

  • Cultural Insight, Adaptation & Transcreation
  • Campaign Management
  • Brand Guardianship

“Freedman are a fantastic partner and a joy to work with! The team consistently go above and beyond to deliver – their attention to detail for each asset means we continue to achieve high quality even when working at pace.”
Marketing Manager, Public Affairs