IHG - Global Loyalty Relaunch

The scene

International Hotel Group owns 6,164 properties across 19 brands. The goal: to relaunch IHG Rewards as IHG One Rewards – a loyalty programme that clearly connects all IHG Hotels and Resorts. The challenge: to do this at speed while maintaining brand consistency and the parent/brand hierarchy across a wealth of assets and channels.

The action

Working closely with the IHG Omnicom team, Freedman set up workflows and expectations, amid a massive change in scope. 20,000 words to 13 markets became 1.7m words to 21 markets. 

The deadline however stayed the same, with four times as many linguists onboarded to get the job done. Email campaigns, landing pages, app store content across multiple touchpoints, on time and on brand.

Freedman delivered

  • Agility for new scope
  • Speed of delivery
  • Scale-up of resource 
  • Brand family consistency

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Freedman International helps manage large-scale, international campaigns more efficiently and scale up your international marketing if needed. For over 30 years some of the world’s most famous brands have trusted us to work closely with their teams and systems as their global localisation and transcreation partner. Our hands-on management ensures we continually drive efficiencies and improve the cultural fit of campaigns across the world.

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